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  1. Looks like some folks even go with rule of 500 with modern DSLRs. I really like them, Ari.
  2. Crappy - the rule of 600. Also, it would be easier to detect star trails on D800 when viewing at 100% than other cameras using sensor with less megapixels.
  3. Shelly, anyway to check to see if all the water is draining during drain/spin cycle? It sounds to me like not all the water is being drained and backing up to the washer. Your washer's drain pump filter may be clogged. My old colleague had a issue with clogged drain pump and his problems were similar to yours.
  4. School/work cancelled for tomorrow. It's not looking good for Tuesday either.
  5. ^ Which is what I said (except the bit about HGST drives). 4TB WD Red I've had for a while has been chugging along just fine as well. Same can't be said about all the pre-made externals I've owned - I have only one remaining now that another one died last night (drive itself was fine, though).
  6. IIRC, Backblaze are experiencing higher failure rate with 3TB drives (at least with Seagate and WD drives).
  7. Fuck, I just noticed he has a stainless steel Hamilton Railway Special. I don't need a pocketwatch, I don't need a pocketwatch.
  8. RIP Joe. SR-80 was my first serious headphones.
  9. ^ Agreed. Not that I'd be able to afford the lens, but I wish I still had a Canon body so I can rent and play with that lens.
  10. That looks awful, Nate. Unfortunately, my district no longer uses delayed opening or early releases due to past problems.
  11. ...and fuck, my school/work is closed again tomorrow.
  12. Finished the first round of shoveling about an hour ago. Just looked outside and there are already 3-4 inches back on the driveway.
  13. Going through the second season of M*A*S*H.
  14. 10-14 now for us, and holy crappy typing on my previous post.
  15. How bad is the possible Monday storm looking for you, Nate? I have a feeling it'll be another snow day for us. EDIT - poor typing fixed.
  16. ^ At least your download speed is better than mine.
  17. I'm guessing the issue is with limited off-street parking in Lowell. At least my wife and I will get a day to relax after being stuck in the house for two days with kids.
  18. My school is closed again tomorrow (my wife's school as well since we work for the same district). Apparently, the city is having difficulties clearing all the side roads well enough for the buses to pass. I do feel bad for all the parents that have to arrange for childcare for yet another day. On a related note, our kids' daycare had to close today at the last minute when the owner/director came in to find that the parking lot/sidewalks for the center hadn't been cleared out after she was assured it would be done, resulting in unhappy parents.
  19. Yeah, I hate the damn drifts. We live on end of a cul-de-sac and we end up with much larger snow drifts than everyone else on the street (and everyone's dead leaves in autumn). EDIT - It's another snow day for my work/school tomorrow. I'm a little surprised since the district always drags their feet about snow days.
  20. I'm just hoping we don't lose power for too long with an infant and all.
  21. We missed the Air and Space at Dulles when we were in DC couple of years ago. I was very sad.
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