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  1. Girl Scout is #ForEVERYGirl https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/girl-scouts-is-foreverygirl#/story
  2. It was Kimball Farms, Todd. They added the arcade few years back (wasn't there when we got married). They've also got a batting cage now as well.
  3. Made the annual trip to where we got married for bumper boats, arcade, deep fried seafood, and ice cream (no mini golf this year). A great time was had by all.
  4. Glad you caught it before anything worse happened.
  5. Just came back from going to a beach with the family. Great time was had by all (including myself and I don't like beaches).
  6. Yeah. Of course, this is the second time I've done this in the past 5 years. Methinks I need to get a pen that won't roll as easily.
  7. Dropped my Vanishing Point and broke the nib. Argh.
  8. My local camera/lens rental place got robbed. http://bit.ly/1JQxtWy
  9. RIP Ornette Coleman RIP Christopher Lee
  10. Nate, is this with a Gmail account? If so, Google discontinued Exchange support back in 2013 and push no longer works with the native app in iOS (unless you were grandfathered in and didn't change your device).
  11. Bit of an old new at this point, but if you can, I'd avoid Lightroom CC until Adobe fixes the performance issues. I tried it for a while to give it a fair shake, but I've gone back to LR 5.7 for now.
  12. Checked with my ISP and got more speed for less monthly fee.
  13. I once had an electrician call me back 6 months after I left a message with his office/secretary.
  14. The new job would've been nice, but it would have been ridiculously more busy one, so it's probably better that I din't get it.
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