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  1. Had a second interview for a job. Did not get the said job. I did; however, procure myself a coconut cream pie. The day is a success.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think they even thought about offering a purple one. It saddens me that they haven't made anything new with purple color.
  3. $295 and no purple one.
  4. I'm fairly certain I still have this somewhere either in my or my parents' house, along with most of the Trackman incarnations that followed.
  5. I've never used a Slimblade, I guess I should give it a try sometime.
  6. ^ Damn, that's a good deal and it's one of my favorites, too. Too bad I need another mouse/trackball like I need another hole in my head - I think I've got 4 trackballs and 3 mice right now.
  7. Finish Orson Welles' Last Film http://bit.ly/1A8DM4t
  8. Had many battles with mosquitoes. I think the damn bugs won.
  9. Nutella is awesome. I'm going to eat some now.
  10. I'm not impressed with USPS/Amazon thing either. IIRC, they've only delivered on Sat/Sun once and rest of the orders didn't get in until Monday or Tuesday (whey they said the orders would be in on weekend). Yeah, trying to find couple of more to call now. We had one place that we liked/trusted, but their estimate was much higher than we'd anticipated (we knew it was going to be high, but the estimate went well beyond it).
  11. Unfortunately, the guy you recommended has a ton of work lined up right now.
  12. Met with another contractor about finishing our basement. This process is just getting depressing.
  13. Happy Belated Birthday!
  14. Went to a food truck festival. While there, our daughter managed to grab $41 out of an inflatable cash booth a local bank was running.
  15. They do ship the lens out, but at that point, the rental price is basically the same as LensRentals. I forgot to mention, but they do offer pickup at Hunt's.
  16. Ian, if she is/you are willing to drive down to Concord, MA, LensProToGo has Sigma 24 Art for rental. Sorry, no experience with any of the 24mm lenses.
  17. I also had few not-so-cheap ink cartridges that I had bought from HP couple of weeks ago that I never got a chance to use. Much to my surprise, HP customer service refunded my full purchase price and just told me to keep the cartridges.
  18. Transistor finally out on GOG and 50% off ($9.99) until 4/28/15. OST is also 50% off. http://www.gog.com/game/transistor
  19. Attempted, and failed miserably, to fix our printer after it died in middle of a print job for our daughter. I should have figured its demise was near when its wifi module failed few weeks ago. At least it lasted us almost 7 years.
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