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  1. ^ Yep, and the Sigma dock will also let you adjust it at different distances, as well as update lens firmware. I stopped using mine, except for firmware update, when it apparently reset the adjustments I'd made without my permission. Could very well have been a user error, but I just use the in camera adjustment since my lens had very little differences at different focus distance.
  2. I'm thinking I'll be checking out Lenovos soon when my wife's ancient laptop finally dies. I'm tired of dealing with Dell and Toshiba.
  3. Color me jealous. Our living room - where my speakers are located - have been taken over by kids/baby toys & items for four years now (and going for several more).
  4. Around here it's $2.39/gallon. Still low enough I thought it was a mistake since I only fill my car up once a month.
  5. ^ I agree, but it gets bit complicated with two kids, especially when there are no other reasons to visit the area.
  6. ^ See the photo two posts up. I love fried chickens, just not kfc. My favorite fried chicken place is unfortunately 45 minutes away so I don't get to eat them too often.
  7. Great, now I have a craving for KFC and I don't even like them.
  8. ^ They were down to $359 at Robert's Camera until they ran out of stock. It was mighty tempting to pick one up, if only to compare it to Ricoh GR.
  9. Jacob, do get a X100T and report back please. I've been pondering about replacing Sigma 35 with it (or whole rig for that matter), but reports on its af/responsiveness have been bit conflicting.
  10. Ah, I see. I wonder how much UPS/FedEx/USPS contributes to lens sample variations. The two copies of 85 1.8g I've had were both bought from a local dealer.
  11. Regarding 85 1.8g, dxo would disagree with you, at least when compared to other lenses in 85mm to 105mm range on D800. http://www.dxomark.com/Reviews/Which-lenses-for-your-Nikon-D800/Nikon-D800-and-standard-lens-choices
  12. I know crappy hated his multiple copies, but I really like my 85/1.8G. I really need to use it more often. On a separate note, flickr doen't like it when you try to make it deal with 3000+ photos all at once.
  13. ^ This, and the pics are great, especially the second one.
  14. Tamron's optical stabilization took noticeably longer than the ones on Nikon, Canon, or IBIS on Olympus body to engage and lock down. This meant it took noticeably longer than it should to achieve focus if the optical stabilization wasn't already engaged (basically every time I took my finger off AF-On/shutter for few seconds). Not really a problem if shooting a static scene, but for that spur of the moment shot, it can throw your focus off or won't let you shoot at all (depending on your shutter setup). Of course one could just keep the stabilization off unless you needed it but I wouldn't have remembered to turn it back off after turning it back on.
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