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  1. Alright, Dusty. Just finished The Congregation. We agree on a lot, but neither album did much for me in the end. Sorry, man
  2. I read his FB post, Dusty. I do not know much about him, but he seems to be the age where schizophrenia can kick in. Poor guy. Mental illness does indeed fucking suck.
  3. Sweet Jesus, it's going to be a fantastic next few months... KAUAN - SORNI NAI [NEW ALBUM DETAILS] The prolific Russian/Ukrainian post rock/doom outfit returns with their brilliant seventh album in only eight year's time! "Sorni Nai" - the band's most mature work to date - is a concept album that references and expands upon territory explored in their previous work ("Pirut"), showcasing a single 52-minute long track, twisting through lush string orchestrations into sinister and operatic doom metal. The album's concept focuses on the infamous Djatlov Pass Incident. In 1959, nine Soviet hikers went on a trip to reach Mt. Ortorten in the Ural Mountains. None of the hikers were seen alive again. Their bodies were found a mile from their campsite, missing their skis, shoes, and coats while braving -30°C weather. Two of them had fractured skulls, two had major chest fractures, and one was missing her tongue. Investigators listed the cause of death as "a compelling natural force," and the case was immediately closed. The artwork by Sonia Melnik is a panorama displaying known imagery of the hikers skiing towards their destination. The album's title references the golden goddess of the Ural Mountains' Mansi region. The band otherwise continues in its tradition of singing exclusively in poetic Finnish, the only known non-native-speaking band outside of Finland to attempt lyrics in the unique Nordic language, one of the most complex in the world. Even though the album is intended to be one single track, the band has split it up into chapters for the CD release, which are titled in the native Mansi language. Label: Blood Music Pre-order: August 5th, 2015. Release: October 20th, 2015. Formats: Vinyl LP / CD in digipack / digitally through Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. 1. Akva 2. Kit 3. Khurum 4. Nila 5. At 6. Khot 7. Sat
  4. Alrighty, I'll queue that up as soon as I can.
  5. That Parasound looks awesome! Before I went overboard and got my Bryston, I was seriously looking at Parasound. I find them to be great value for the money. Looks good on the inside. I cannot make out the mfr of the caps, but they look like NCCs (at least the smaller ones).
  6. I figured you would not post erroneous links, so I was commenting on the other ones you mentioned before. How odd that you had no luck with the speed change. I had no problems with the ones I encountered. Bummer. I just finished listening to Bilateral. I like a lot of it, but nothing really grabbed me on first pass. I'll give it more time off and on in the coming days to get a better feel for it. I have a feeling you may be right regarding the limited replay value though.
  7. I wonder if they do that to get past a copyright sweep? By the way, there is a dropdown box to change the playback speed, so you change it, and the track sounds like it should. It's embedded in the settings (gear) button. It happened to me, and I had the WTF face. So I fiddled around and badda-bing. In your case, play back at half speed, and all would have been well.
  8. My God, that amp Frank made is a work of art. I can only imagine how immaculate it is on the inside.
  9. Riverside. Literally less than 10 miles from my house. Tiny ass venue. September 27th. I just found out about this and managed to score premium tickets. Fuck me, this is awesome. Anyone interested, get on this ASAP.
  10. Poor Jerome just contaminated about 3k worth of lube. Now I know why "No-Fun Carla" didn't want to jump his bones. Edit: Damn, 6 years to get to 1,000 posts, and it was this?
  11. Reminds me of that Louie Anderson stand up bit where he walks into a 7-11: Louie: I'll have a soda Clerk: You can have this cup over here... or you can have that 55 gallon drum over there... Louie: What's the difference? Clerk: A nickel
  12. I do have to ask, Posty, you did get the 945ml bottle for a buck more than the 125ml bottle, right?
  13. You could definitely go that route, but it will take a lot of time. If you are looking for that just put together shiny new PC look where everything is absolutely spotless, your way might be the only way to go. I am pretty OCD about my computer with regards to dust, and I use this for everything: http://www.amazon.com/Metro-Vacuum-ED500-500-Watt-Electric/dp/B001J4ZOAW It is awesome, but it is very powerful. When cleaning fans, I keep a distance and keep the blades from spinning to prevent damage to the motor. 99.9% of all dust is blown into the next county. My PC looks pretty much new, but some things still have that almost microscopic dust that sticks like glue (like on the HDDs), but I never wanted to spend the time to go further since it'll get dirty again. If you want to go that little extra step and go crazy, then you could bust out the swabs and alcohol. Since you already purchased your items, go your route, and if it's not for you, consider the data vac.
  14. I may not be a regular here based on post count, but I assure you I have not pissed of nearly as many reasonable people here as you have. In my book, not being an asshole is a very worthy contribution to a community. You may be at the top of the pyramid, but perhaps you ought to try leading by example rather than by title. I have said my piece. I see no incentive to continue engaging with someone who relishes in mood swings and temper tantrums.
  15. The issue is not with the site (pretty much everyone here is great); it's with you. You have a very long history of mood swings and overreacting. Crappy could very well be a shit (I do not go looking for proof either way 'cause I have shit to do), but in this thread, he did absolutely nothing wrong. He disagreed with you. So fucking what? Because you are getting all nostalgic over which actor is better, you berate and ban him? Even if the actor he likes is shit, who fucking cares? You could have taken your own advice and skip the reply to him, but no, you didn't. Get off your high horse and go buy another watch if it will help you calm down.
  16. Ah, yes, I figured that response from you. Same as last time when I got "go to hell." Like a broken record. And thanks, morphsci, I'll keep that in mind.
  17. While I do not know the ins and outs of Crappy's behavior here (nor do I really care), c'mon Jacob. A ban for this thread? Really? Almost as pathetic as the time you banned me for our disagreement in the healthcare thread. You can shred Crappy to pieces for all I care, but banning him for this is downright Jude-ish. I steer clear of you, Jacob, because of this kind of shit. It certainly is your site, but the overuse of the shovel for things like this is unbecoming. And if you ban me, it will only make my point.
  18. Ah, Dusty beat me to it. I really hope the rest of the album is better than that single. They are better than that. Having said that, I had similar feelings about the last Lunatic Soul single, and I LOVE that album. So here's to hoping.
  19. Oh, I think straight people are doing a great job of alienating the idea of religion for new generations without the LGBT community having to lift a finger. Good for you, Steve. I've given up long ago talking about religion and politics to people who are not open for discussion. You are on the right side of history, and that is all that matters. If they do not like it, fuck 'em.
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