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    For the money, I have not found anything that is a better product than SVS. Mine is about 10 years old and still kicks ass.
  2. I might be a bit biased, because I was in a different situation. We had to have a house with 5 rooms due to a large family but still within our budget. In So Cal, that is considerably narrowing the choices, so my wife and I watched the MLS like hawks. We pounced on anything that fit our needs and finally got the one we have. It is perfect, but there was luck involved no doubt. We were not willing to settle though. This was in late 2011 with that perfect storm of lower housing values and low interest rates. Now, prices are fucking insane again. In Shelly's case, there is much more room to "fall in love" as you point out. Point taken.
  3. It's what you are doing today, isn't it? I do not have a whole lot of advice to offer, but I can tell you that when it comes to real estate, figure out exactly what you want beforehand, look constantly, but be patient. Regrets in this area really suck hard.
  4. Why I did not catch that obvious fact before posting, I will never know. Thanks for reminding me that my vote means less than a politicians' word I give up trying to embed a vimeo link, so here it is below: Edit: Okay, fuck that! I tried all sorts of fancy syntax. All I had to to was post the URL? Son of the beech!
  5. Normally introductions of new ports and protocols are met with "oh great, another one!" reactions, but this new one is almost perfect: http://anandtech.com/show/9331/intel-announces-thunderbolt-3 I was on board with the idea, but one glaring omission made me smack my head on the desk: "Speaking of encapsulation, Thunderbolt 3 also includes an update to the DisplayPort side of matters, though likely not what everyone has been expecting. With the increase in bandwidth, Thunderbolt 3 is able to carry twice as much video data as before. However Intel is not implementing the latest version of DisplayPort – DisplayPort 1.3 – in to the Thunderbolt 3 standard. Instead they are doubling up on DisplayPort 1.2, expanding the number of equivalent DisplayPort lanes carried from 4 to 8, essentially allowing one Thunderbolt 3 cable to carry 2 full DisplayPort 1.2 connections. The end result is that Thunderbolt 3 will not be able to drive the kind of next-generation displays DisplayPort 1.3 is geared towards – things like 8K displays and 5K single-tile displays – but it will be able to drive anything 1 or 2 DisplayPort 1.2 connections can drive today, including multiple [email protected] monitors or 5K multi-tile displays." Can't have it all
  6. And now, a daily dose of "people actually vote for this... this... FUCK!?": http://www.cnn.com/2015/06/02/politics/mike-huckabee-transgender-caitlyn-jenner/index.html
  7. Feel better Marc. It must be the season for "fun", because I am having hernia surgery at the end of this month. I have been meaning to get it done, but last summer was no good, and a week's worth of sub plans are a pain in the ass during the school year. Oh, and while painting the bathroom, the roller tray slipped off the toilet (with my back totally turned painting) and spilled about 1/3 gallon of expensive semigloss paint on the brand new toilet, bathroom tile, and grout. It was a pain to clean up, but I was glad that we chose large glossy fake marble tiles, as I would have shit myself if we went with some kind of porous natural stone or other esoteric DINC material.
  8. I think it is a great thing when people become drooling buffoons when they enter a store of their passion. I'm that way about computer stores, and recently plant nurseries. My main lust is traveling, but I digress. Everyone needs to be passionate about something, otherwise why go on? Life is short: as long as the bills are paid, there is retirement constantly put away, and you have good friends and health, drool away. As for myself, master bathroom remodels are a fucking pain in the ass. Who knew having a closet for your clothes (part of the bathroom - fuck me) would be so important for sanity with five little ones running around?
  9. I have had them once; they are divine on steak. Those look like the real deal. From what I read, they go for a king's ransom, because they cannot be grown. You have to stumble upon them. And people get very territorial hunting. The reason is that over harvesting wipes them out of an area.
  10. Thanks for the report, Dusty. I. Cannot. Wait. (sorry, just had to) If it makes you feel better, my wife and I have almost no overlap when it comes to musical taste. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if she did like the stuff I liked. By the way, you have such an eclectic musical taste, I'm sure whoever you find will like something you are into
  11. Speaking of very odd Amazon shipping choices, I ordered some shower trim and nozzles via Prime Same Day a short while back. At about 9:30PM, a red car pulled up next to my house and sat there for a minute. I had no idea who it was; I figured the guy was lost or something. I stood by the door peephole to see what was up. The guy got out and walked toward my door, so I opened it a bit (I live in a safe area but was still on guard). While holding the Amazon package, he asked if my name was the one on the package and then delivered it to me. Intrigued, I watched as he got back into his car and drove off. He had a GPS unit and was doing deliveries on behalf of Amazon. That's the only time that happened thus far, but what the fuck? That is some shady shit. Uber delievery, anyone?
  12. Been a while... Got a hold of this: "Arcturus: now with more Arcturus!" Fuck me, if I ever find myself aboard a spaceship out of my mind on LSD, I am playing this post haste! Fun as shit. Dusty, get on this...
  13. Going to see Steven Wilson at The Grove in Anaheim on June 12th. I have not been to a concert in a long time, and I am psyched as he will play pretty much all of Hand. Cannot. Erase. from what I can see. Brilliant album.
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