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  1. May be of interest to some: http://andrewkelley.me/post/quest-build-ultimate-music-player.html
  2. CherryBomb


    Mystery solved. It works on the Roku 3 in my bedroom but not the Roku 2 in the living room. Roku seems to want everyone to switch to the Roku 3.
  3. CherryBomb


    I'm not seeing the captioning on my Roku 2. Haven't checked the Roku 3.
  4. CherryBomb


    I am having a hard time with Season 2. In season 1 the show was captioned so that you knew what they were saying when they spoke Norwegian, but the captions were not on for the English speakers. In Season 2 it comes default with no captioning, so, now I have to go into my Roku player and turn on captions. Doing it this way means that I have to have captions for English and Norwegian speakers, which is distracting and annoying. It is a nit, but it is keeping me watching the show as frequently as I did for Season 1.
  5. Here is a good deal on manual wind Speedy: http://www.bernardwatch.com/Omega/Speedmaster-Moon/OMG2017
  6. I had an RGM and hated the buying experience. The watch arrived and stopped working 3 days later. I sent it back to RGM and they say I will have it back in a week. Three months go by, with them ignoring my emails the whole time, and I finally call them. Their answer is that watch is having problems keeping time over the course of a few days and they cannot figure it out. My response is "Holy shit, dude, this is an relatively expensive timepiece." They will not give me my money back or any other reasonable accommodation I got the watch a few days later and it seemed to work fine while I
  7. Stretch, make sure you get the manual wind. It will have better resale value among purists. Here is my source for Omega watches: http://www.bernardwatch.com/Omega/Speedmaster I have always had good experiences with them.
  8. Stretch, I like the Explorer I one a lot since the upsized it to 39mm. The upside is that you get an understated sports watch that is versatile enough to be worn with a suit. It is also somewhat less common than a submariner. The downside is that it might be too similar to your current watch: Watch Snob: http://www.askmen.com/fashion/mens-watches/
  9. I have the 4" version and absolutely love them.
  10. Got an email advertisement today introducing a new line of Samsung hybrid amps. Here is a link to the product page: http://www.samsung.com/us/2012-vacuum-tube-amplifier/?cid=smc-nahq-mult-0702-10000079
  11. It would be different if you were the seller since you have an established, good, reputation. This guy at Epiphany, Oliver, is a total unknown. He may be a good guy in the end - I just don't know yet.
  12. I went ahead and did the paypal thing. Even if that works, I will still lose about $75 on this since I placed an initial deposit that is outside of the period for filing a complaint. Oh well - you live, you learn.
  13. Also, I paid with paypal and am still within the period for filing a complaint. Since it has been a few days and I have not heard from Epiphany, I think I'll go ahead and take that route.
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