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  1. partsconnexion "kiwame" for the lazy any major parts distributor for less lazy Farnell, RS Components and a few others don't go near the resistance value at 5 watts.
  2. Where's a good source for the 180 kOhm 5 Watt resistor?
  3. bluestar-online.com 2SK389BL Our Price: $12.99 N-Channel Mosfet K389
  4. I gather that on the amp board that the two circles marked with a + sign next to the 499k resistors are LEDs, and also that the RLED is provision for a ballast resistor for an external LED. Also, where can we get stax sockets worthy of this project?
  5. Jaycar sells this. CAT. NO. YG2782 RRP $19.95 CLICK TO ENLARGE Spider Coupler Set Connects to a motor to a shaft that may be slightly misaligned or under length. You may also need a torsional shock absorbing coupling which this does as well. - Each hub will accept a 6.35mm (1/4") shaft with set screws anchor. - The hubs are coupled by a synthetic rubber spider. - 20mm OD x 30mm long QTY 1+ $19.95 5+ $17.70 10+ $15.70 Enter Quantity
  6. Mecca...? Is that on the way to Pismo Beach? via Alberquerque?
  7. Spritzer posted:- . Way to go, Spritzer. I like it.... More power for the peeples....
  8. mypasswordis posted:- Sorry, must have dyslexic fingers and calculator.....
  9. K. Gilmore stated:- 475V @ 39 watts is only 8.2mA. ....?
  10. Does the transformer for the KGSSHV have 2 separate 485V windings? How many VA? The second transformer is 30V centre tapped. How many VA?
  11. Tom, Are you thinking of building a KGSSSHV? Regards, Erwin

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