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  1. Cool, I thing I'm going to pick one up to use with a HD650 Do you think it will help with making the HD650 a little "less dark"?
  2. Hehe IEMs don't need amps. They need better sources.
  3. That is one hella shitty amp alright. The only "amp" that made the ipod headphone out sound better than it did. It's sad to see he has around 7000 sales
  4. I'm skeptical this change will be for the better.
  5. Grab an M-Audio Audiophile USB off ebay.
  6. Thats my audio best buy as well. $200 for an awesome sounding Grado. 60 GB iPod I got used just when Apple announced the new ones another good buy, it gets a lot of use. Altec Lansing iM716 IEMs, I prefer them to the Ety ER4p. TheSloth gave me an awesome deal on the K1000, but not really a great buy since I'm going broke building a system around it. But I love them.
  7. That guy charges an arm and a leg for his shit. Maybe he'll take a hint and lower his prices rather than bumping a thread a few times then creating the same thread again a few weeks later.
  8. edit: the entire thread has some good info because they had 2 people listening and switching back and forth. But the thread was mainly for Lavry vs Transporter. (aahhhh why is there limited time for edits) No kidding it pretty much sucks since Dan Lavry himself shot down the idea of a remote for the DA10
  9. I think he's just trying to say the DACs are very similar...I don't think that hurts his credibility
  10. Reply to my PM! I've been dieing to buy those CDs you told me about
  11. The modded Lite DAC-AH (Pacific Valve) is liked at Headfi. IIRC $220 new
  12. Someone on the Slim Devices forum that did a direct comparison of DA10 vs DAC3 for anyone that cares. Seeing how both have preamp capabilities the DAC3 is looking really overpriced right now.
  13. My SinglePower plans are temporarily on hold. I found an amazing deal on a poweramp for my K1000 so I bought that. I think I'm going to put together an RA-1 clone and then order the SinglePower in January.
  14. No special adapters are needed to run the bl7/bx7? Voltage adjustment?
  15. Could you list out all the uprgades you have? Thanks
  16. Tyrion's amp does look good. KenW how much are you looking for your MPX3? Earl has sent me a PM suggesting the PPX3 using large transformers that will be able to use the 6BL7GT at high voltage
  17. RS-1 is a true love for me. I will definitely be looking for a pair. But I'd like to hear the MS-Pro as well. Theres a HP-2 auction on ebay right now. $1025, 4 days left. No secret someone posted it at Headfi it will probably end at way more than it should.
  18. No doubt I loved the pairing with an RS-1. Still I'd like to get every last bit of performance that I can, and I think they're capable of more bass. It did have excellent impact. The 6BL7GT/A sounds very interesting as a high current tube, and I think the added transparency of the MPX would be a plus as well. I have read the MPX is more laid back...thats the only thing I'm not sure I'd like. Damnit! Should have added this to the first post...the Grado I'm going to be using will be the........ ...... .... .. . Grado HP-2
  19. You're the man thanks Oh I will try and come up with better questions (but Earl is doing a damn fine job explaining things right now) being on vacation means nothing to do
  20. Actually I'm quite in the dark right now. I need to read up a lot more about these newer tube configs before I can form anything resembling intelligent I guess if you could ask him about an MPX3 (or PPX3) config optimized for high end Grados using either the 5687/6BL7GT/6BL7GTA or combinations of those tubes without getting all the upgrades in the MPX3 SE. Also running the latter 2 tubes at higher voltage to get the most out of them? I can't quite spend $2200 on a full out MPX3 SE, but I really need an amp to use just with Grados. God damn that meet has a nice lineup of equipment.
  21. I felt really bad hijacking humanflyz thread so I've created this seperately. I've done plenty of searching at the other place. Earl one of your posts from Headfi. Just doing some searching for uber Grado amps. I'm convinced the 6BL7GT/A is the way (if this will provide tons of current for the Grados) I want to go, unless there is a more high current tube that can be stuck in the MPX3 without driving the costs to Supra levels. Out of everything I'm looking for in a tube amp bass slam, and bass control is probably the most important thing for me. I'd like tight controlled bass with excellent attack and decay. And uh...don't mess with the Grado midrange too much please Soundstage is not really that important. Without going the full blown MPX3 SE, what would be a more affordable spec'ed MPX3 that would take full advantage of those tubes? This will also have the preamp option added. Once I get more serious I will definitely give Mikhail a call.
  22. You are very mature for your age. From your posts I would have never guessed you were that young.
  23. Where does one even begin with a base model? Current MPX3?
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