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  1. I have been thinking of getting an RS-2 as well. I'm very familiar with it so I didn't throw it in the mix.
  2. I really like the K1000 and Grados. The HD650 is cool too, just looking for a third headphone. Just wondering how the bass and soundstage is compared to the HD580 or HD650 (even K501)? Is there good extension on both ends? Going to use it with the built in amp on the Lavry. addendum: I really disliked the HD590. It was one of the worst expensive headphones I've heard. It was my benchmark for no midrange...the 595 does improve on it a lot right...? And after spending a lot of time with the 580/650, if I were to call any Senn dark it would be the 590.
  3. I like the HD650 a lot more than the SR-404 I had. STAX makes some good stuff and some not so good stuff (I'm just not a big fan of the lambda line; gamma and omega = awesome)
  4. deepak

    Linux ???

    Don't tempt me to install it on my audio pc- Via C3 600 mhz, I bet it could be stripped down quite a bit
  5. deepak

    Linux ???

    And I just installed/ran Vista on an equally old PC. My spare computer is an Athlon XP 1600+ with 1 GB of memory and a ATi 9700pro, and it ran perfectly. I haven't added anything to that PC in 3 years. So unless you're stuck in the past Vista's requirements are very reasonable. The latest Unreal 3 engine games require at least a Geforce6 series card...and people are bitching about that
  6. deepak

    Linux ???

    * 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor1. * 1 GB of system memory. * Support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum)2, Pixel Shader 2.0 and 32 bits per pixel. * 40 GB of hard drive capacity with 15 GB free space. * DVD-ROM Drive3. * Audio output capability. * Internet access capability. And you could have all of the above with a PC thats 5+ years old! Keep on raging against the machine, I'm sure more will join in the fight! Let me know when the picket line has a hotdog stand.
  7. deepak

    Linux ???

    Vista doesn't have steep hardware requirements.
  8. I've found bringing the drivers further down the headband on both sides helps that a bit. So the fit is just slightly looser than any other headphone. The pair I got fit just like a new pair, and I've been able to use them for hours on end after the adjustments, didn't bother trying the textbook trick.
  9. Thats good, I doubt you'll find the treble roll off like you mentioned in your first post. From what I remember of the Benchmark DAC1 the DA10 is very similar to it, with slightly more emphasis on the bass. The DA10 is pretty much just as bright as the DAC1.
  10. Was a damn fine death though.
  11. So are you using an HE90 or reterminated HE60
  12. I was more interested in how regular DVDs looked upsampled But yeah properly transfered HD content will blow away most DVDs. I have a ridiculous transfer of the extended The Two Towers in 1080p that is jaw dropping.
  13. So the HE90 jack would have made it more obvious?
  14. SR-Omega? Oh the amp Aristaeus?
  15. Thats cool that Netflix is adding HD-DVD titles without charging more for subscriptions.
  16. If anyone has this DVDP (and a capable camera) can post shots of the same DVD at 480p vs 720p (or 1080i) I'd love to see the differences.
  17. The 4070 has a fail safe shut off after a certain volume level, so I have no idea what happened.
  18. Not sure if any dismantling was even involved. I think he turned them up too loud then found a hole burnt in the diaphram.
  19. Hardcore audiophile bullshit? Yeah when I've spent thousands on gear, I'll take a player that can at least bypass Windows kmixer
  20. I'm sure iTunes is great on the Mac. But with a 8000+ track library with iTunes7 on PC you can count the seconds it takes to load; usually around 15-20 seconds (And no native support for FLAC, but it can now be added in with a plugin). This is on a really modern computer; Athlon 64, 2 GB ram, yada yada
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