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  1. Isis - The Absence of Truth Spock's Beard - self titled The Pineapple Thief - Little Man The Beatles - Love The Flaming Lips - At War With the Mystics Thom Yorke - The Eraser Boris and Sunn O))) - Altar Boris - Pink Mogwai - Mr Beast Mogwai - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait Circle - Miljard Soriah - Chao Organica In A Minor Yo La Tengo - I am Not Afraid of You And Will Beat Your Ass
  2. deepak

    Happy Turkey Day

    Be a man celebrate it twice.
  3. I'll need to read something other than a 6moons review to convince me.
  4. deepak


    It looks like I'm joining Team HD650. Traded my Beyerdynamic DT770 for the HD650. I was looking for darker sound to go along with the K1000. The Beyer fit that but took a hit to the midrange, and strangely the bass really isn't as impactful as the HD650
  5. A balanced Supra/preamp is soooo tempting.
  6. deepak


    Ray's R10 sounded really good (Mikhails lower serial ok). I'd just never ever, even when I'm a millionaire pay that much for a headphone. And I seriously dislike the L3000 As far as bass, PS-1 and Omega 2 are the holy grail for me (quality, quantity, extension, texture)
  7. This one? http://www.cryo-parts.com/psrec.html How hard was it to install? Shit I'll try it for 20 bones
  8. deepak


    I definitely need to give them a second chance. But I'm looking for a really bassy headphone so I doubt I'd seriously consider buying one. A few people have noted AT synergy with the DA10. (A900ltd and W5000)
  9. deepak


    I'm still on the fence about whether I like I the W5000 or not. I slightly prefer the darth beyer woodied DT770 to the W5000 (I agree R10 = best closed). But this is strictly as a "fun" headphone, I wouldn't use either as my main headphone.
  10. "you do not have access to the forums" scared me for a bit
  11. PS3. I intend to have one tomorrow. That I won't be keeping. X360 costing less is bullshit. After you buy the add on HD-DVD drive and wireless adaptor it costs just as much as the 60GB PS3. And the $50 a year Xbox Live, vs the free PS3 net.
  12. I saw the meet impressions thread. Very impressive guys.
  13. Can we report people for post-rehashing about products they've never heard before? Theres so many people recommending and not recommending gear based off what they've read on Headfi. Of course they don't make this clear in their post, you just know if you've been reading such persons posts. It's not adding anything and only watering down gear impressions.
  14. What sort of F1 did you guys have? A DIY one or the one built by Pass Labs?
  15. Congrats, I think the gold faceplates look really tacky. Silver suits the amps much better. Do you know if Peter would be willing to do a black one?
  16. redleader is just such a cool name that I signed up with it as my dupe account. Oh shi...
  17. Jeez man 909 I respect your posts at Headfi and here, you were one of the sensible members. WTF??
  18. I've heard Ray's and Mikhail's R10. Ray's sounded a lot better, iirc a 2002 model.
  19. I didn't find any faults with the B52 either. It sounded really good with Ray's later model R10 as well, I'm just not really a big fan of the R10. I think a direct comparison with a Supra-XLR vs B52 would be a very interesting shootout. IIRC the Supra-XLR is around $3000 base, but the B52 primary function is as a preamp not a headphone amp correct?
  20. Accepted everyone. I'm going home for the night, if for some reason the "member approval" setting doesn't work (ie regular members can't let other applicants in) I'll change the settings tomorrow.
  21. Head-Case ? Group at Last.fm The group is set to member approval, so once you apply any current member will be able to accept you. last.fm basically tracks what you listen to after you download the plugin for foobar2000, Winamp or iTunes. It then creates a weekly listened to top artists, and overall top artists. If you apply to the group the fastest way to get accepted- reply to this thread.
  22. I've decided to get a HD650 to contrast the K1000. But it will be run single ended and more for a bed-fi/ transportable setup.
  23. Oh I was also going to use this in a computer setup. I was going to use the line out from my TBAAM, but thinking about a USB DAC. Going to be a part of a bed-fi or pseudo transportable rig that I can take with me when I travel.
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