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  1. The SB interface can be cumbersome if you have a large media library. I loved using it for internet radio stations though. I might have one of the most convoluted setups ever though (since I can't stand iTunes)
  2. The Squeezebox DAC is also pretty damn good for $250/300 wired/wireless (with an alright interface once you get used to it/set up SlimServer)
  3. deepak

    funny $hit

    For what its worth I'm pretty sure BennyBoy is doing the mods for just cost (which also might have pissed off PinkFloyd as he had something in his sig about not having any affiliation with BennyBoy mods). I asked BennyBoy about modding a Xcanv2, and he turned me down but said he would do a v3 for just the cost of parts/russian tubes. He has also offered to repair equipment for members for just the cost of shipping.
  4. GS-1000 is pretty good for percussion. Comparing R10 with GS-1000 on the same amp setup, the 2 aren't that different. IMO the R10 has a much better midrange.
  5. Nice congrats! I'm hoping to call him right after I leave. Going to use either 303 number posted on his website, are those the right ones?
  6. Oh I'm sure the spark plugs could do it. You should see the stickers on my car and the performance before and after.
  7. I couldn't get this in time for the edit, but judging by the specs the Extreme should be able to drive low and high imp. headphones with ease? I would be using it with just my HD650 but I'm more than likely going to get an RS-2 (and hopefully find another HP-2)
  8. It affects the sound in some way assuming you believe aftermarket cables make a difference. I haven't seen too many comparisons of stock cable balanced, vs aftermarket balanced. Thanks for the answer Earl
  9. Is Mikhail's MoT thread due soon? Earl can you quickly go over all the tubes that can be used in the gain and output sections? Also will it be possible to use 5687's in the 2 outputs with adapters?
  10. One of the inherent benefits of most balanced amps is they're almost always going to use better/bigger/more expensive parts, which in part plays into their sounding better. Not to mention the effects of an aftermarket cable.
  11. I had one briefly. Would not ouput anything other than static with either ASIO4ALL or the default driver, so I returned it.
  12. Modded DAC60 is the same as the DAC62 right? It has been getting some good reviews...
  13. I now see what you meant by SinglePower has a new high voltage amp coming out in my pm Using the SP amp as preamp is the gain (of the preamp section) determined by the output tubes or the gain tube? As awesome as the old chasis SP amps look Earl I'm a little glad I was too slow on your MPX3, I'm really excited about this Extreme.
  14. I just checked the Florida thread, the Extreme looks so awesome.
  15. Is it worth getting a cheap Sony CE595 for just multi-channel SACDs? I'm really happy with redbook as it is (and my DA10), since most of the music I listen to is released on this format. But there are a few mutli-channel SACDs that I'd love to hear on my K1000. Do you guys think it's worth it? And will I be able to send the analog cables straight to my Pass Labs amp or is something fancy required?
  16. MPX3 SE = $2200?, Supra-XLR = $3000? you know what to do
  17. deepak


    DT770. That thing won't budge on your head no matter how much you're moving
  18. Tyll you have sold me. Feb is the perfect time for an upgrade right after my boards. And I'm stealing that Hawaiin thing, because it's so much cooler than Merry Christmas.
  19. GG that is an awesome deal. That is incredibly tempting with DAC upgrade, I could completely remove my HD650 from my current setup.
  20. Your balanced amp came in at around $1000 with tubes? Good deal...
  21. If it's an improvement along the lines of switching from a good DAC to an exceptional DAC I would pay $950 for it. Only 2 (non-headphone) upgrades have yielded that sort of improvement.
  22. Does anyone here have the USB Off Ramp Turbo 2? I know of only one person on Headfi that has one and he said it was an improvement over an Audiophile USB as transport to his DA10. I'm a bit skeptical and Empirical Audio makes no mention of a money back guarantee. Their engineer posts a lot on Headfi and AudioAsylum. Website: http://www.empiricalaudio.com/
  23. I stopped reading after he wrote a whole paragraph jizzing over a Lamborghini. I think he put it up on YouTube now...
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