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  1. For improving the listening experience there is nothing better than Hendricks Gin & Britvic Crown Cap Tonic, double measured and with cucumber. I find that other drinks have their place though. I like scotch when I'm on the jazz and red wine when I'm in a classical mood.
  2. I say! Expertly played that man.
  3. Not entirely, well, not yet is another way of saying it. The head-fi downtime has given me the pause to see this place as as good as it is though.
  4. I use these: And they do a pretty good job, I certainly prefer the total 16pence solution to the "clamp the mofo spikes into the carpet and down into the floorboards" solution. Maybe its just me believing in something because I've spent money on...
  5. I think that the various semi-vintage phones in the Euro market that used a 4 or 5 pin connector used DIN donnectors rather than XLR ones anyway.
  6. I've always use my own webspace for photos because I didn't like the idea of trusting the hosting to a 3rd party and then having to pay to continue using it to keep links running. The other advantage is that because a mate of mine runs the hosting company if anythign goes wrong hes about 1 text or IRC pm away.
  7. Thanks muchly dude, a little miffed that its not a purebred Oldfieldian effort , but the contents sound like they should certainly please me anyway.
  8. There had better be pictures of people with the boobies wrapped around their head.
  9. Waterboys Book Of Lightening CD. ?5. Rare Mike Oldfield Amarok Promo CD, ?26 Mike Oldfield - V, never even heard of this Oldfield release before, couldn't find any info. Thus I had to have it. ?17
  10. I've been looking for a decent multi-way speaker switch. Something with at least a half substantial casing, binding post terminals instead of screw clamps or spring clips. Good internal construction too. Its so that I can easily switch between the AMT, the H2 and my speakers rather than having to duck behind the rack and change plugs around. QED make a few boxes, but they look cheap and plasticy and use screw clamps, theres also some even crappier looking products on eBay and Maplin. Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. I heard the L3000 from a Meridian G08 (not, ultimately a factor) and a Singlepower extreme at the UK meet. I'd sooner listen to the Stax 2020 (SR-202 & SRM-212) given the choice. The general reaction from almost everyone at the meet was a sense of unimpressedness regarding the L3K. Rich and delicious sounding for sure, but sound per pound in that configuration, not a patch on the Stax.
  12. Based on personal preference and Ignoring wider and more specific issues (amplification, etc). And listing headphones I've owned (or been loaned a long time) only. 1) Stax SR-007 > TakeT H2 > Precide Ergo AMT 2) Jecklin Float Electrostatic PS2 > Stax SR-202 > Stax SR-3N > Precide Ergo 2 > Jecklin Float Model 2* > Sennheiser HD650 > JVC DX1000 3) Yamaha HP-50A (recabled) > B&O A8 > AKG K340 > Grado HF-1 > Jecklin Float Model 1 4) Sennheiser PX100 > Sennheiser HD545 > Sennheiser HD280 Pro 999) Sennheiser CX300 Everything else isnt worth bothering to classify (fake PX100, iBuds) or doesn't fit. (the Surrounder). *Not one single person in their right mind would put these here. Its inexplicable why I like them so much.
  13. On the topic of pads, where does one get a set of black SR-007 pads and how much do they go for? I recon I'll want to replace mine with a fresh set in a few more months.
  14. Quad CDP-2 has 6 digital inputs and a pre-amp function and is very well within your spending range.
  15. The HE60 is a corking headphone for sure. My preference is for the O2, but I certainly wouldn't say no to one someday
  16. It should have been me tbh. I'm sure I got at least one nomination.
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