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  1. Will there ever be another run of the T2 PCB? I'm so very interested in building one. Wachara C.
  2. The 507 and 407 are indeed very close. The only thing that I notice is that the bass on 507 is a little bit better. Wachara C.
  3. Hi Forbigger, It's nice to see somebody who knows me. Thanks! I can't say that I'm as knowledgeable as Spritzer, but I do learn a lot about electrostatic headphones the hard way. Wachara C.
  4. When a bias wire is about to come loose, you sometime can hear that tiny, random static sound too. You could open the headphones up and check; then maybe resolder the wire. Wachara C.
  5. I just got my 407 today, and wow. Playing with my DIY amp, it sounds great. Wachara C.
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