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  1. Do you have other headphones to test and confirm that the issue is really from the amp?
  2. I've been searching for some DN2540 to fix my KGSSHV Carbon but can't find them anywhere? Do you guys know of anywhere I can get them? Or can I substitute them with the small current version in TO-92 package?
  3. Have you ever thought of using fiberglass or carbon fiber as the mesh holder?
  4. Do you hand solder or use hot air to solder the SMD components?
  5. That's such a neat idea. Can you show us the bottom side how you hard wired them together?
  6. Sorry, you’re wrong. The case is made by one of my DIY friends here in Thailand. It’s teakwood, and I spray the top aluminum cover with black paint. The amp inside is KGST.
  7. @purkcame to visit me today. I showed him all of my DIY headphones. He seemed to like my Omega clone the most.
  8. Very interesting! I am very curious to learn about your coating. Where do you buy it from?
  9. Maybe he was referring to the DIY headphones he was testing.
  10. Congratulations Kerry! It’s about time! Wishing you a big success.
  11. I only wish I can understand what you are making.
  12. I love those purple color wood stripes. Are those Purpleheart?
  13. Nothing bad should happen. It could probably be the loosen wire connections. You might want to try resolder all the soldered joints first. Well, some small dust could also be a problem. Check and clean the stators and the diaphragm could solve the problem too.
  14. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Have you a picture of the other side of the stator, the side that faces the diaphragm? What is the material and thickness of the spacers?
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