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  1. Hi David, Thanks for the FW reco but the amp is a whole differerent issue. In my living room the speakers are 88db Infinity's or 90db Fostex 166es back loaded horns with Fostex T90 tweeters, but the speakers have probably fiftyfive to sixty feet of speeker wire between them and the amps so even though I can used to be able to drive the speakers with my late Flying Mole 18 watt amp, I really think I need 50 to 100 watts to get the umph and detailout of them. Ergo, I need more power.......I think. Thanks anyway.
  2. For primarily budget reasons, I am using a PreSonus Central Station as a pre amp in my living room speaker system. The PCS has a pretty decent built in dac which I am feeding with a modded Onix cdp via spdif. Due to the fact that my Flying Mole custom amp that had been providing amp duties over this past year has suddenly decided to take the vow of silence, I am in the market for a new sub $1.8K amp and perhaps going balanced if that is doable at that price point. The PCS has TRS outputs so I was thinking that if I had a pair of TRS to XLR connectors to a "balanced" amp(s) I would have a true balanced speaker system. Am I right or am I blowing smoke? (Leaves self open for a thrashing)
  3. It is also great for refinishing furniture, it removes varnish and paint with ease. No need to visit Home Depot anymore.
  4. I am always fascinated when "audiophiles" get into these e-brawls. It often times takes hours to figure out who is full of it and who speaks the truth. Makes some of my work annoyances seem trivial....
  5. DigiPete, did you use the Naviships spc? I am putting the finishing touches on Fostex 166 full range BLH cabinets with Purpleheart and quartersawn White Oak trim. Finished last night a DIY Paradize Charlize II amp for the office, so now I will try to determine what went out on my Flying Mole CA-S3. Kind of frustrating, all solder joints are fine, the fuse looks OK, nothing seems fried. It just stopped working two weeks ago so I am without music in my main room.
  6. Daaaaammmmnnnnn! Damn nice and I bet Visa sends their love too.
  7. If you were to snag the Northstar, what were you planning to use as the source? The Esoteric?
  8. Congratulations and good luck on this new venture. Keep your overhead as low as possible, it will make success easier.
  9. DigiPete, since we live near each other and see each other at meets, I will gladly receive and hold your audio deliveries for you anytime. In fact I will provide burn in service free of charge. > The employees here know to accept all my packages and don't touch so deliveries are safe anytime of the day. I know the FedEx, UPS, DHL an USPS Express guys on a first name basis so no prob........
  10. Well I own the Oppo 981HD and have listened to a number of RB CDs that I am very familiar with on the Oppo. I listened to a Denon 3930 for a brief while at the OC/LA/HF mixer meet and to me the Denon unmodded kicks the Oppos butt in the RB playback arena, not even close. Everything Mr. Reimyo CDP777 said is true. Different amps and cans were used on each one of my listening sessions but the sonic differences between the Oppo and Denon were huge to me, too much to be accounted for in the different cans and amps used. I bought the Oppo not for the RB anyway, I bought it as a cheap reasonably good source for HT in a playroom/visiting kids isolation booth.
  11. "Honey everyone knows a cubic zirconium looks just like a real diamond".......honest!
  12. I will be very interested to hear if the P5 eats the Scout (best memory) ...or the other way around. Have Laser TTs fallen off the "to be auditioned" list?
  13. You just had a bad run and you go and post this? Ahh more bad Karma coming your way.....got any other equipment you need smoked?
  14. Hhhhmmmmm. time to start saving up those pennies. I would have thought more. I must not be tempted.
  15. Well I guess my week wasn't as bad as I thought afterall. Sorry to hear about yours, but Karma speaking, it was your turn. Go buy a Lottery ticket or something, you might win something, at least the Lottery folks can't come to you and take more money.
  16. You make some great cables, and you are a nice guy too. Now can I have a discount on my next order? Perhaps for some silver plated copper XLRs?
  17. ........a few resistors shy of a fully populated board me thinks.
  18. You guys are starting to scare me........
  19. I agree with tkam. If the LL just met you and she is giving you grief, just imagine what she will be like once she gets to know you and discovers more things about you she dosen't like. Don't try to hide the gear, she already knows you have it and no matter what, when the utility bill goes up it will be your fault. My advice is to run away. Run far away or your life will become a living hell. Now have a nice day David.
  20. Ahhh, one of a kind craftsmanship made with love nothing like it. Looks like they are intended for an external crossover network so I can imagine they will sound awesome no matter what.
  21. I bought the 981HD as a HT source in the kids room based upon it's great reviews for video via the Faroudja chip. I am also planning to use it as a audio cd transport connected to one of my hand me down DACs once I locate my next high end DAC. Audio through the analog outs of the 981 is not impressive at all. Trebble roll off, muddy base, compressed mids, you name it, but as a transport I am hoping for salvation. This thing definitely needs a decent dac for audio.
  22. It proves two things. Peter McAllister SOMETIMES embellishes things and you can't BS this crowd when KG is in the vicinity.
  23. I didn't explain very well before, how about -http://www.claritycable.com/Z-Sleeves.html equals- http://www.ferrishield.com/html/ferrites/emcshieldingfabrics.html That is what I meant. If that dosen't work, then I give up.
  24. When I read this article a while ago I did some research based upon various clues given in the review. I forgot what most of them were but I eventually determined that the "tube" is probably a ferrite bead. I made some enquiries all over the net and the only company that had anything comparable was: http://www.ferrishield.com/ They will do custom sizes similar to the ones in the Six Moons article but very expensive. They quoted me about $500 if I recall. What is interesting is that the Z sleeves are used with ICs and speaker cables in the Six Moons article, yet most other uses for audio equipment that I have seen only specify ferrites use with power cords.
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