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  1. yea the chicks were hot, no doubt about that!
  2. it was too teen-angsty for me, but it was an ok movie
  3. Arrested Development as usual
  4. 2 but i guess its not practical man I really want to hear this!
  5. is there going to be just a DAC output? cuz that'll be pretty cool
  6. Ok, I'm set on the CKKIII mostly because of the price. BTW, how the heck do you edit posts?
  7. Hmm, now the CKKIII looks really good. Its definitely cheaper then the other amps listed and if it performs near their level, then it should be a good buy. I'm still wondering how warm it is. Some of the threads on HF say that the CKKIII is pretty analytical. If anyone has impressions on how good the bass and how warm the CKKIII amp is I would appreciate it.
  8. ooh forgot to ask, how warm is the CKKIII? I thought the GLite was pretty dry, one of the reasons that I didnt like the GLite.
  9. haha yea, I always liked misterX's workmanship. His XP amp is just awesome. Hmm The CKKIII looks like a good awesome, and it might be cheaper then the others! Thanks MisterX
  10. oh another questions, should I get steps or tread power supply? Is it worth the extra cost?
  11. Thanks guys for the responses. The wierd thing is that on HF (when I did a search) of the people are saying that the M^3 is colder then the PPA. hmmmm. I'm not sure of who I want to build this amp. I was thinking of Marshall (MisterX) but he charges a little more then others. Do you have any suggestions about who builds amps well? I would do it myself but I can barely build a pimeta correctly. Also maybe more info about my rig will help? iriver ihp140 -> entech number cruncher -> (AMP HERE) -> 225s
  12. I know these are both DIY amps and they all have different sounds depending on how theyre built, but I'm looking for a warmish SS amp with a good amount of bass for my 225s that delivers enough current to open the phones up. I'm trying to spend as little as possible (under $300 but hopefully around $200) and usually DIY beats commercial amps in terms of bang per buck. So which amp should I get?
  13. I was looking at the posts on headfi and someone made a good point, and yay for head-case, no bullshit here like head-fi
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