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  1. ok almost sure to get the im716 then btw, hows the sound compared to the er4p/s? is it similar enough?
  2. no, i had an extended loan of the e500s from laxx a while back. really hated them, they sounded freaking great but the lack of highs really killed it for me, even though it had its moments with some piano pieces and some rock songs I really like the er4s even with its shortcomings. Coming from the grado camp, the sound sig is pretty much what I wanted from an IEM. and I really cant carry a portable amp either (even though the XP amp is pretty sweet), the iriver is already too big as it is. I was talking about amping with a Little Dot II+ in my previous comment. ah well, I'll just get the er4p or the im716 since its cheaper?
  3. the thing is that its only on certain songs that its EXTREMELY sibilant (ex. ted leo and the pharmacists - me and mia) btw, its straight out of a iriver ihp140 so maybe thats why? because when its amped, the sibilance goes away and its pretty fucking sweet. slightly off topic but for portable use I should get the er4p since P is for portable right?
  4. yea i'm using the shure olive tips (or whatever theyre called) right now but its not the actual tips that are bothering me its this part that the er4s is pushing on EDIT: those arent my ears
  5. so you guys know of one around $50? oh just needs to do analog cable
  6. the design for it is horrible! My ears are still in pain from them pushing on the insides of my ears. Excluding that, its probably the best IEM that I've heard (heard things that I didnt even hear with my 225s) even though it has for the weird sibilance and the fatiguing treble (especially with like rock songs ex. ted leo's stuff) So the question is, what sounds like a ER4P/S with a better design that wont destroy my ears? the im716?
  7. the office season 3 (US version)
  8. yea i messed up on that one I meant that theres only one dap with a optical out, sorry other daps can be used just for the amp part of the dac/amp thing
  9. ah stupid editing time it works as a standalone dac or an amp or as a combo. that is pretty sweet
  10. it basically only has one dap that can work with it (not counting pcdps) other then that, it looks sweet
  11. yea, justice is pretty awesome
  12. check it out [ame]http://youtube.com/watch?v=fo_QVq2lGMs[/ame]
  13. ahh too many choices!!! EDIT: The accuphase looks pretty great from what I'm reading. Anyone have any comparisons or something handy?
  14. yea thats what i was thinking in the first place, that a dedicated CDP will probably be better then a DAC + transport combo and hows that meridian g08? Ray uses one!
  15. ok thanks guys, I'm leaning toward the DAC + transport just because of the convenience of being able to connect different transports. How does the northstar mods work? Which mods should I get? The superclock or the turbo thing?
  16. I should just choose the one that looks the prettiest
  17. yea that would be awesome, and me and my dad know our local speaker store guy pretty well, so we'll see btw, hows the benchmark dac1? I always hear people talking about it on the other headphone forum, so I assume that its not that bad
  18. man im reading up on everything. It all looks good! Its kinda sad since I realize that I'm using a ~$50 source (Entech Number Cruncher) for my 225s and my dad's going to be using a $3000+ source oh well, when he gets the whole rig set up, I probably wont listen to my 225s for a while (until I go back to school )
  19. reading up on it now btw, if my dad decides to get a dac, he'll need a decent transport as well!
  20. So, my dad's ponying up like 10 grand for a McIntosh integrated tube amp and a pair of B&W speakers and needs a source to go with them (as well as interconnects). I'm not well informed about high end sources so can some of you guys help me find something that's up to par with the amp and the speakers? Looking for DACs or CD/SACD players Lets say $5000 limit
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