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  1. take the left side of the head and put it around the stop making part and the other side of your head around sense
  2. does that count as animal cruelty? kitty
  3. im in for 200, i'm gonna replace all my pots and pans with that shit.
  4. From what I heard, since I know nothing about classical music, they seem to be good performances.
  5. if anyone can do it, its the Fonz
  6. well at least I can hear nate's new dac
  7. So we can finally see the trose + ray man-hug pic!
  8. wow, thats not that bad if it'll beat all the other shitty ipod speakers, how much were those bose ipod speaker things again? and actually theres a review already http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ipod/review/11212/
  9. well lets see how it sounds before we all decide it sucks anyway
  10. and jeff tweedy uses hd580s when hes recording as well. +1 for the audiophile crowd and the easiest BE album to get into (IMO) is the new Four Winds. The other ones are too emo to get into right away
  11. i should make a cable that has "This writing on the cable makes music sound good" on the sleeving. I'll make millions
  12. where is the reckster? (Thats right, I gave you a nickname, what cha going to do about it Please dont edit this!)
  13. jinp6301

    slow forum

    someone friend jude on facebook http://www.facebook.com/s.php?k=10080&id=558154148
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