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  1. oook, but cant you use the line out as a headphone out, or is it too weak?
  2. the m-audio transit headphone out sucks?
  3. both of them have custom drivers if im not mistaken
  4. herr's kettle cooked jalepeno potato chips
  5. m-audio transit does toslink btw, dont get the TBAAM, it resamples the data twice or something, not bit perfect
  6. my external hd decided to work, so Arrested Development again and again and again
  7. woody and portable shouldnt mix in my book
  8. groceries + hook thing that sticks to the wall so I can hang my headphones and not almost sit on them
  9. I think i remember KG or nate or someone saying somewhere that the 0404 balanced outs arent really balanced
  10. i use my school's hub, its decent for a school thats retarted
  11. probably the same things gonna happen to me at my BE concert
  12. resident evil: apocalypse or whatever the 2nd one is called its ok.
  13. ok sounds good. I think I'm gonna go for a blue jean cable or something cheap in the starting and then maybe upgrade down the line if there seems like theres something missing.
  14. That'll what my dad will probably do. I always forget that my dad has more money then I do. The thing is, is the $3000 cable "better" then the $300 cable or just "different"? I still have a hard time to understand what the difference in the materials, labor, basically anything that differs from the $300 to the $3000 cables.
  15. what I wanted to hear!!! the only upside is that our speaker store is going out of business or moving or something so they're having like a 75% off all cables so like the Tara Labs and MIT stuff is still pretty cheap compared to retail
  16. the thing is that its really hard to audition cables then anything else. It would be great if we can get like 5 or 6 sets of cables and try them out, but I dont think it'll be possible unless someone loans us some. I think one of the problems are that I dont really understand what the difference in cables are. Like what makes a $3000 cable worth $2700 over a $300 cable? maybe im just stupid?
  17. So, my dad finalized his choice of source + speaker + amps (Accuphase DP-500 + B&W 803D + McIntosh MC402 Power amp/McIntosh C45 Pre-amp) so he needs a decent pair of speaker cables and xlr interconnects. My speaker guy is pushing Tara Labs and Cardas, but like spending $3000+ on wires is just too much imo. Any suggestions? or should I get cheap Blue Jeans for everything and upgrade later?
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