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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNVYWJOEy9A]Adventure Time[/ame] best animation short, period
  2. congrats, I think I go to school like an hour from there! as usual I'm retarted, its more like 2-3 hours
  3. noob question, you need an wireless or wired network for this, correct? if so, then I should cancel my order since I cant use it in the dorms
  4. So thats what that thing is! Thats a pretty sweet device for only $70. Still have to wait till I'm out of the dorms to use it though
  5. new glasses the picture looks weird, its really rimless
  6. is the MS2i like the 325i where like only the outside of the cup is metal and the inside is plastic?
  7. jinp6301


    OHHH thats what it is
  8. ok this is pretty sweet. Works well with my im716s! time to download their albums!
  9. yup, the 414 pads are the middle ground between the bowls and the flats. If you find the highs a little recessed, then you can quarter mod them.
  10. jinp6301


    damn it I just remembered it was Cocoa Puffs
  11. slickdeals.net you can find some good deals on dell laptops sometimes
  12. jinp6301


    dont worry, hes just kooky for cookie crisps
  13. random question that I think can be answered here. its not like anyones answering nate's question anyways how are the new imacs? The all in one feature of it seems pretty awesome to me.
  14. nate, if you dont have the Wheatfield sold by then (probably no chance) can you bring the HA-2 to the meet?
  15. ok I finally got the im716. The pod is so effing annoying I better do a poderectomy (sp?) ASAP. The sound is definitely less detailed then the er4s but its similar. Definitely doesnt have the same extension in both ends like the etys. Its definitely a keeper for $60 shipped tho. Only problem, the tube for the tips is slightly bigger then the ety tube so getting the shure olive foamies was the biggest pain in the ass ever
  16. mtv vma's i know, fucking shoot me, but I have to see if Kanye goes crazy when he loses to Justice the second time over
  17. watch arrested development. if you cant get into that, then I cant help you at all
  18. the office (US) season 3 so excited for season 4!
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