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    New Puppy

    Soo.....for a few reasons, the timing was right to get Watson a buddy (mostly because I have a neighbor wanting to watch my doggies all day for at least this year). Watson was my first best dog, and this little girl will be my last best dog. She'll arrive on Thursday or Friday. She's a 10-week old Havanese. Here is momma: Daddy is a redhead: No name yet, but Lotte is what I'm going with until I meet her. Ivan can hold his own, and is mostly chill, so I'm not worried about him, but Watson is going to be crazy jealous for awhile at least.
  2. Raffy, was that your first century? Are you doing Sebring this Labor Day or are you doing your fantasy football draft thingy again? It was nasty hot out today. I have my alarm set for 5AM so I can be out on the road by 6:30 tomorrow. I want to be back home before it gets in the 90s tomorrow.
  3. Thanks, Brent. Chris, close to half of that is on a Computrainer, so not real miles yet, but some of the Sufferfest and Tempo programs are kicking my azz. Hoping by end of next month to be in full swing with real miles.
  4. RIP Quest. I have no doubt he had the best life possible with you.
  5. I never got a real fit on either the Kirk or Calfee, and as I'm starting to put in a couple hundred miles a week, I got both tweaked to perfection the other day by Freddie of F2 Performance Labs out of Miami, who was nice enough to make the trip up so I didn't have to deal with I-95 traffic post work. Good news, other than I'm even more in love with both bikes, is that he turned me onto Solestar insoles. With my problem feet, I've had five sets of insoles, including ones my podiatrist molded, and I was shocked on what a difference these made. I'm trying out both the road and mountain bike, and I'm liking the mountain biking ones (I have demos). They just feel a bit more stable, for lack of better words. Bad news, for my wallet, is that he also turned me on to Bont Vaypor S shoes, which made my Sidi's feel like floppy, canvas Keds. I'll be getting them in black. At least I haven't bought any new bikes in a couple years Check these out. I swear they're worth it: http://www.solestar.de I miss riding with the Florida crew, but I'm having fun riding these days. Feel good and strong. Now to lose 30 pounds.........
  6. I'm actually thinking it's pretty good. Went 24 hours with low usage, but had half a charge left.
  7. So I barely used the watch yesterday, other than check a couple messages/email, one phone call, and only half hour of the fitness app. I forgot to charge it last night, but it was still at 46% this morning.
  8. Yup. Was at 100% at 5:30 this morning. Ran the fitness app for about 40 minutes. It was at 75% by 7:00. I recharged it before work, actually used it as a phone quite a bit, and definitely texted at least 20 short texts. It's at 46% right now. Good thing all they'll get from me this morning is that Sufferfest: The Hunted caused me to have a near heart attack.
  9. Battery life does suck. It was at 100% at 5:30 this morning. I've done nothing other than have the fitness app open for an hour and responded to two text messages. It's now at 38%. I'm not viewing this as a deal breaker, but others might. I'm just going to get a second charger to keep at work.
  10. Well, I'm not inclined to shower text, but I was able to respond to texts and make calls from my phone while walking all around a not-small building at work today without having my phone on me (as long as there is wi-fi, you're connected). This is huge for me as I have to have my work phone with me at all times, but since women's clothing doesn't really have the same pocket space as men's, I'm always carrying/setting down/leaving/almost losing my phone. To keep my phone at my desk while elsewhere is a great benefit I wasn't even thinking of until I could do it.
  11. Thanks, Graham! At the gym this morning, I had my phone connected to their speakers and was able to control my music from my watch while on the computrainer. I definitely liked that.
  12. I just got my watch and, so far, am having a lot of fun with it. I know that's not necessary the point, but for me, it is. Well worth the money for the entertainment value alone. Tomorrow will be my first full day with it, so I should settle in and stop bugging everyone I know to call me while we're in the same room. No. I think I'll still do that. Can anyone tell me how to switch out of celsius in the weather app?
  13. Just got notification that mine will be here on the 5th, which is nice surprise since I was only hoping it would arrive near the beginning of the May 13-27th timeframe I was given. I also ordered the Jaybirds, so Tuesday will be new toy day
  14. Thanks. I was looking at the Jaybirds.
  15. Learning the watch, fitness and music (only stored on watch) functions work without a phone nearby, I'm now interested in wireless headphones for the gym. I suppose I could start a thread, but anyone here using anything?
  16. It won't be over for awhile since most of us won't even get our watches for a few weeks.
  17. Oddly, I don't care about the watch/phone/text/etc. else features except as extras. I got rather addicted to fitness bands the short time I had with the Garmin Vivosmart, but I didn't like how you had to wear the HR chest strap all the time to get it to work, and I didn't like how the FitBits and others didn't work with cycling, and seemed like expensive pedometers. The Apple Watch seems like it will do everything I'm looking for, and the health app, where the info stores,syncs with MyFitnessPal for calorie count. If the Apple Watch doesn't do what I'm looking for as a fitness/training band, I'm selling it and getting the Garmin Vivoactive. It was just fluke that they were coming out at the same time. I do like the way it looks, though, quite a bit. Oh....and I'm concerned about the battery life, too, and am wondering how long it will last with the fitness app open on long rides. As far as charging it everyday, no problem. I never slept with a watch on, so I don't see a reason to want to now.
  18. So, Shelly, if you're thinking about it, then don't get tatted up. http://www.theverge.com/2015/4/28/8510931/apple-watch-doesnt-work-tattooed-wrists
  19. I was planning on doing the same with the Garmin Edge on my bike plus chest strap. Keeping fingers crossed. BTW, i noticed that there was a designation for rowing in the exercise section along with things like indoor cycling and outdoor cycling.
  20. So on a whim this afternoon, I looked to see if I could get an appointment at the Apple Store and got right in. I have to say I'm really glad I got the watch I did. I kinda liked the aluminum better than the space grey I got in the sport, but I was really impressed with most of them. Looks-wise, I was drawn to the stainless steel with the modern buckle, but can't justify the additional $200 plus cost. The band of the sports watch is sooo soft and comfy, it was easy to wear, and I don't wear any jewelry because I can't stand how it feels. I got to play with actual watch for a bit, and I don't know what people are saying in the reviews that the watch is complicated to figure out. I obviously only messed around with a couple things in the 20 or so minutes I was there, but I now can't wait for mine to arrive. The only thing I think that will disappointment me is if the heart rate monitor is wildly inaccurate.
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