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  1. boomana

    New Puppy

    His name is Watson.
  2. boomana

    New Puppy

    This can be arranged. This morning he remembered that he was a dog and that creature on the bed was a cat to be barked at and chased. Ivan was fairly okay with it, mostly because he could jump up on places the doggie couldn't. We went for a long walk this morning and he wanted to be carried or ride on my feet for much of it. He also wanted to get between me and any approaching neighbor and growl at them, which is a behavior I'd like to nip in the bud ASAP. I'll try and get pics tonight, but the ones from last night were all blurs. He's a wiggle monster.
  3. boomana

    New Puppy

    He slept through the night with Ivan also on the bed. I would never have predicted that, but as I've guessed before, I'm pretty sure that Ivan was around small dogs before he came to me. I'm going to put little boy in the crate tonight, so I'm sure it won't be quite as easy. He definitely wants to be right next to you at all times. He has not shown any interest in any food, including treats, except the wet cat food, which he has made a beeline for a couple times, but responds immediately to a gentle "no," so I'm glad he has that one down. He was a bit stinky after the puppy van ride, so he's off to the groomer this afternoon for his first beauty session. I'll post pictures tonight.
  4. boomana

    New Puppy

    He's wonderful. The puppy van was running late, so I went to met it in Wellington (for FL folks who know). He was definitely a bit scared, but after two long walks in the neighborhood, peeing and pooping everywhere, he's just a happy puppy. He and Ivan are actually getting along fine, as in amazingly fine. The three of us were on the bed together for awhile, but little dog thinks it's funny to growl a bit. They've come up to each other multiple times and touched noses. I think it's going to be a bit more difficult when he's not so timid and wants to play. I'm tired. I'll take pics tomorrow, but I'm really happy. He's a great little doggie.
  5. boomana

    New Puppy

    No name yet. Hopefully, he'll have one soon. My breeder told me he'll be between 15-20, most likely closer to 20. So...he was supposed to be delivered to my job around 5, but the puppy van is now running late, and it's now looking like 8PM, and that's only if I meet them either in Wellington or very West Boca. Probably won't get him home until 9:30ish. Bah.
  6. boomana

    New Puppy

    Wow, Purk! Congrats!!!!! Little guy coming in late afternoon or hopefully early evening at the latest.
  7. boomana

    New Puppy

    He's arriving on Tuesday via special bus from Alabama. I met his brother, who arrived this past week, and fell in love. I've never had a dog before, but passively wanted one for years. After meeting Henry, his brother, then contacting the breeder and seeing his little guy's pics, I knew he was my dog. I don't know how else to explain it, since I'm as surprised as anyone. He's a Cavaton, half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Coton de Tulear. He was born on June 24. This breeder likes to keep them longer for socialization and health checks. He was raised in a house with two kids, five adult dogs, and his litter mates. Supposed, he's the mellowest of the litter, which suits me fine. Here are some pics from this past week: On his way to get final shots and a mircochip on Friday: Action shots from a couple weeks ago: I'm pretty excited. I've already arranged for a neighbor to help out while I'm at work until he's old enough to do doggie day camp, and we start puppy training classes next week, which I obviously need, though he may not. According to my co-worker, her pup, the brother, knows "no," has had no accidents in the home and is leash trained already, so I'm hoping this little guy is at least close to those goals. I have no idea what his name will be, but he will hopefully show me soon. Right now, I'm just excited and a bit nervous. Also hoping he and Ivan can figure out how to live together. Keeping fingers crossed
  8. Sunday afternoon, though I can leave late.
  9. Got in a nice, short ride this morning. Got rained on twice, so called it a day...or a morning...or somescuh. I'm busy puppy proofing my home right now, so didn't have much time this weekend.
  10. This. Heal up fast so you can test out your new fit.
  11. Glad you did have bikes on the rack, Jeff. Egad! I'm cutting way back on my riding these days, and opting for more time to do other things. I'd like to do the metics, but I think a full century is out this time. Well, at lease there's one upside to this whole mess. Jeff, you can keep your bike in my room if you want.
  12. There's a bike shop next to the hotel. I forget the name, but I'll get it for you later today.
  13. Hope you had a great birthday!
  14. I've registered for the hotel since that will be fill up fast. It's just so much easier to wake up and roll out the front door instead of driving over. I'll sign up for the event closer to the date. Chris, it would be great if you could make it. All HCers should try. Where else are you going get in three good days of riding with friends in December?
  15. It's the power of the group and the flatlands. When we got dropped around mile thirty, we weren't looking so good all alone in a headwind. We were more like 17 mph. John did great, especially since he's not been riding much. Mike, we miss you. I know you're a rucksacking monster these days, but hoping you find time to do a little riding soon. Are you still planning on Sebring?
  16. Raised my seat post almost two inches on my Gunnar from initial Retul fitting and about an inch on my Calfee from where I started. Maybe we all grew Socks are good, Chris. Nice 40-mile ride with John and a group from his area this morning. The pace was on the high side of what I can sustain (was averaging 23 mph going north). I got saved by a stop light after a mile when it was my turn to pull. I was dying trying to keep it between 23 and 24. We got dropped in the middle of the return trip, which was fine. Maybe next time we can make it a little bit further before the drop.
  17. Reposted for cuteness. EDIT: Okay, I obviously don't know how to repost right, but the kitten is still dang cute.
  18. Sounds really rough, Al. Glad Quest is better today.
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