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  1. I was looking at the app store for watch apps. Nothing that interests me is available, but you can get Welsh Word of the Day. WTF? Who decides these are the best for launch?
  2. I bought the Space Grey Sport within the first three minutes, and my expected delivery date is between May 13th and 27th
  3. Mike and John, I'm doing a longish ride on Saturday, but am looking to do a short, slow recovery ride on Sunday. Wanna join me?
  4. Same. I used the store app, had it already saved in favs with my cc info already in their system I refreshed until the store let me order, was done in less than a minute, and still got 4-6 weeks shipping. I'm guessing that was true for everyone, and am hoping that it was just a precautionary thing and it might come earlier. I ordered the black sport.
  5. Okay. That makes more sense. Hopefully soon.
  6. Other than your back being messed up, I'm not sure I understand what you're saying here. Are you riding this weekend? If you'd like, meet me at Palmetto at 7AM. I'm riding with Phoenix and Kat (pretty sure you've met them) and a woman from my gym who is just starting out.
  7. Okay, Mike. I'm leaving it up to you to get John on board. Do you want to ride this weekend? I'm doing a longer ride on Saturday, but planning a short one on Sunday if you're interested.
  8. Okay, Raffy and Justin are in. I just remembered Carl started riding again a couple months ago. I'll see if I can rally up the Ft. Lauderdale boys.
  9. The Florida team ain't what it used to be. I'm still planning on Sebring for Labor Day weekend. Am I going to be alone this year? I think John and Mike aren't riding at all lately. Raffy, you in?
  10. Well, I plan on getting the black sports one. I've become a bit addicted to activity trackers (wearing a vivosmart currently, which syncs with my garmin edge), and this seams to offer the best those have to offer plus a bit more. My only concerns are the battery life when using the features i like and how accurate the HR meter will be.
  11. Happy birthday to you!!!
  12. So I just signed up for the Miami to Key West ride in November. I need some motivation. I've been riding in the morning on a computrainer, but I'm struggling getting out on the real road on the weekends.
  13. boomana

    Top Gear

    I've actually already seen most of those. Havent seen the making a car ad, but I did see the making a bicycle ad. Very funny. Nate, I don't have Netfix and only basic cable, but I believe it's on tonight, and they seem to have reruns all the time.
  14. boomana

    Top Gear

    I never watched this show before. Ran into a marathon(ish) a couple months ago, and I'm totally addicted. Scared my animals a couple times laughing out loud. I don't really care about cars at all, but I'll admit this show is good fun.
  15. Still love my 13s and listen to them at least a few times a week. They still make me happy every time. I can't say that about too many things. Far worth the price I paid a few years ago.
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