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  1. My wrapping skills are horrid. Good thing no one in my family cares. Dang, I haven't been in this thread for months. Weird way to join back in.
  2. Mike's still in better shape than John or I will ever hope to be, so....... Chris, just reading about road rash has my skin crawling, let alone thinking about anything more serious. Hoping everything heals quickly and you've nothing wrong that can't heal soon.
  3. I'm with John if you take out medical stuff and put in household stuff plus laziness. We rode only 15 miles and the last three were hard for me. Last year I was in shape, could easily ride 50-60 at a nice pace, and this year, I'm heavier, and...well....it is starting over again. I have to say it felt really good to be riding, other than be embarrassed, so that's good. I'm trying to ride in the morning now, today being the first, but since I don't have my timing together yet with needing to walk the dog, etc. I only got in six miles. The goal will be 10-20 at least two work days. I guess you gotta start somewhere (yet again).
  4. Sending healing thoughts to both Larry and his daughter.
  5. Had Thanksgiving dinner with Carl and Bonnie. Very nice evening. I'm full and happy.
  6. Gorgeous day for a ride here in Florida today. I got in 20 miles, which is sad considering what I was doing this time last year, but I'm not going to have time to put in any real miles until December. I'm just trying to keep riding a wee bit until then.
  7. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks for the warm wishes. Just had a 13-hr work day and I'm zonked, but seeing your posts made me smile. I'm still around, but am more in lurker mode. Love you guys!
  9. Happy birthday, CJ! Hope it was great!
  10. Ben, very impressive! I'm so freaking slow going up even small bridges, panting the whole time, it's embarrassing. Nice to see most of you getting out this weekend. I got in 40 yesterday. I met my friends at 6:30 this morning to do a metric, but wasn't feeling right, so went home before starting. Glad I did. It's nasty hot and humid here right now. I'm still a bit woozy, so don't think that would've worked out too well.
  11. I'm almost always miserable the first 5-10 miles, then things kick in and I'm happy. Of course, I'm guessing even your rail trails have hills, so I doubt I would even have made eight miles.
  12. Nice overcast ride this morning. Did a couple bridge repeats. Egad. That wasn't pretty.
  13. Got in a nice 42-mile ride today. John joined in for almost half then soloed back. If the weather holds, hoping to get in 40-50 miles tomorrow. I'm planning for Labor Day in Sebring, and trying to get back to where I was last year. Figuring I need to be doing comfy back to back 50s by the end of the month just to be in the ballpark. Dropping thirty pounds wouldn't hurt with that goal either
  14. Nice pic! I didn't recognize Jeff. Seriously. You look great! Stopped by the ocean for a little break on today's ride. It was a perfect day to be out with friends.
  15. Sorry for the lateness, but hope your birthday was great!
  16. So I'm way late to the party, but hope you had a good one!
  17. Just catching up. Nice bike, Jeff! Raffy, you're killing it! John and I are both just starting back out again. Did 33 miles today and have the same planned for tomorrow, but I'm no where near ready to do the miles you're doing at those speeds. Latched on to a group this morning, so I know I can hang at 20-22 mph, but have to work on distance again. My goal is to be ready to the two metrics and one century at Sebring over Labor Day again, but I've got some work to do.
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