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  1. I was wrong. I live 30 miles from the meeting point. Still, I'll drive down.
  2. I did 60 very leisurely miles (mostly 13-16) with my co-worker today, which was actually fun. It was perfect riding weather. I wanted to get in 50ish fast (for me) miles tomorrow with that group John introduced me to, but John is fickle and has already found another group. I guess they're doing 40 tomorrow. I live about five miles from the meeting point, so I'll ride down and check them out. I miss HC riding buddies.
  3. Doesn't sound like it's ready for primetime yet, Jeff.
  4. I see Team Not Florida has been active here the past few days. Team Florida sucks. Mike seems to have given up cycling. John's ignoring my phone calls, and Raffy is too far away. I'm riding this weekend if John or Mike wants to stop being lame. Nice bike, Justin.
  5. Sorry for being seriously late, but happy birthday! Hope it was great.
  6. What the hell.....I'm sloooowwww again. Happy birthday to you!
  7. Congrats, Justin. and nice pics, Aerius. I only got in 15 miles this weekend. Just wasn't feeling it. Opted for sleeping, and glad I did.
  8. ^ Oh, I know. It's a very supportive group. I took the shortest and slowest pull of anyone in the group, and stopped when I couldn't maintain. They all said, "good job," which really meant "we know you tried, but we want to go faster now."
  9. So said my friends have chosen snakes and gators over riding with me.
  10. My thoughts exactly! Also, loved the pic.
  11. Juan, I would have had to bail before that. One of my cycling goals for this year was to learn to ride hills. I need to drop 20 pounds and get a lot stronger if I'm going to make that happen beyond the run roller kind. Justin, cool. Try to get here on a weekend. Better yet, try and get here on a Friday. You can ride my Calfee, but we'd need to get you a longer stem, and probably a short fitting. Do you have shoes yet?
  12. Brent, it's better that way. Maybe you could focus on just general balance and getting back in shape since your back surgery. Yoga? Some cardio stuff? So, I rode with the group John introduced me to a few weeks ago. Quite a few people showed up, so the plan was to have a B+ group (20-23 mph), a B group (18-20) and a C group (16-18). We all headed out slowly, but after about five miles, it became apparent that there would be no B group. I ended up with the B+ people, which really pushed me. I was fine for the first 35 miles, but was horrible when it came for my turn to pull (I lasted only a couple miles, and almost got dropped after because I was still too winded), but I struggled the last twenty, and I'm not sure how I got through the last five miles, though I managed to stay with them. Anyway, considering we had a few slow sections in Delray and Palm Beach, including getting pulled over by the police for riding two abreast and "impeding traffic," we were going at a decent clip the rest of the time, and I'm pretty proud of myself for keeping up. Justin, come to Florida and try my Calfee. I bet it would fit you perfectly.
  13. Gumball has fully claimed her home.
  14. I'm with you, Jacob. It's tough to have pain and limitations due to an old injury, but at least you're seeking out answers that can help prevent future problems. I wish I had learned some corrective steps to the problems my accident caused before I did (legs different lengths, walking in a manner to avoid pain in ankle, which set up other problems, etc.). Glad you're doing this now.
  15. Cool pics, Chris. I'm envious you can do that.
  16. Jeff, I love the 4th one. I'm definitely no photographer, but here are some really great photos: http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2013/08/winners-of-the-red-bull-illume-photo-contest-2013/100583/
  17. Cool. Curious to learn how you like it.
  18. This one? http://forums.thepaceline.net/showthread.php?t=134900&highlight=selle+anatomica If so, did you get it?
  19. I moved the saddle back 1 cm after my first ride on Monday. That's all the tweaking I've done. Vince just set the bike up per Dave's numbers. Maybe I got lucky, but it's perfect. Love the mid-compact. This weekend would have been a big fail without it, and I used all of it while trying to get up hills, then trying to keep up with the fast folk on the flats, and everything in between. I'm also liking the new Dura Ace shifting. Easy, smooth, light. Parris, you really have to try the Selle Anatomica saddle unless you're a weight weenie. They have a 30-day return policy if you don't like it. Never have I had something so perfectly comfy on my behind right out of the box. Zero discomfort during or after all those miles this weekend, and I haven't even had a chance to break it in. Unlike the Brooks, this one is also waterproof. I like it so much, I'm tempted to buy on just to pass out as a loaner.
  20. I learned how to work my cruise control today. Why have I not bothered with it before? I like it.
  21. Dan, I don't know what or who a Suunto is, but 97 hours seems a bit nuts. Active recovery seems to work best for me. I'm going to do about 15-20 slow spinning miles tomorrow evening, then take a day off, then back to the Computrainer on Thursday for just an hour.
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