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  1. Received pots and pcbs in good condition downunder. Thanks for the gb
  2. Confirm genuine. I have purchased 2SJ74BL/2SK170BL pairs recently from DefQon pm.
  3. Hello Soren Boards arrived in down under. Thanks
  4. Paypal balance of shipping charges. Great thank you for GB
  5. A great build as usual John. Must start on my Carbon build
  6. Thank you for your kind words. Metal work is not my forté. Reason this build is unbalance input is I am saving my very precious 4 ganged alpha pot purchased from the Don years ago for my carbon project. Also I do not own any preamp or source with balance output.
  7. Thank you. I will take that into account in future builds. Will modify the wiring run as suggested by the Don
  8. At last finish my KGST. This is my first completed KG project cased. Please I like any suggestion to improve my future build. It's a long road finding machine shop locally to cut the ventilation hole with an old milling machine.
  9. Wow Me want mill. What type of mill are you using? Is it easy to use? I mean software wise?
  10. Sorry am l too late? I need 2 boards please if at all possible
  11. Thanks for the infor Anyone build theses transcendentsound.com I am a novice to tube stuff. Need a low powered class A amp for a EV SP15A / AMT tweeter diy speaker project circ 1980's in the pipe line. I have an isobaric sub using 2 x SP15A build years ago and still working fine. Like a small fridge but boy they are efficient. Just need a flea powered amp.
  12. How come this resistor drift off value by such large amount?
  13. Thanks I am not holding my breath ;). She goes there regularly and like snopping around Akihabara Town for her gaming hobbies. Can I use 2SA1831 instead of 2SA1968 if I insulated the device and reduce my supply to +/- 400 Vdc. I am just driving SR507 ears-speaker nutting fancy.
  14. I may have a friend going to Tokyo next year. Any one know of a diy shop she can purchase 2SA1968LS transistor. Tried Google no good She is verse in Japanese . I need to finish some old classic kgsshv amps project from the old boards [blue ones] from headinthecloud mini group buys years ago. I prefer bjt ccs, I think it sound better even to my old ears.
  15. Hi Spritzer Do you have some super heavy duty wipers for your cars in Iceland? What is the price of a Tesla X there with all the options and do it have a built in KGSShv special ed amp option? I hope Kevin or yourself should design a stats amp for the Tesla if none is available
  16. I am having trouble editting my previous post John time wise I am thinking next January or Feb if it is ok with you. Thanks in advance
  17. Wow John I am really impress with you design skill with casing design and build. John can I one day come to your place to hear and compare when you complete your Carborn build if l happen to be in Sydney side? As for myself I am finishing my KGST casing after a very long delay. Mange to track down a small machine shop locally to cut a rectangular hole for ventilation on my 5mm top panel and plan to fix a piece of perforated Al sheet to it. i shold get it in a moths time. Things move sloowly in the country.
  18. All parts received in good order Down Under. The attenuator boards and smd resistors are tiny This will keep me busy for a few years or until KG comes up with another surprise which I cannot refuse to build. Thanks you Sorenb
  19. Agree with Kerry, Conrad heatsinks are dead flat well made. Only issues it is so hard to buy it from them. My last purchase took weeks. I am in Aust dealing directly with them. In June I am traveling to Melbourne I may just drop into their factory outlet. If any one wants some heatsinks then I can buy it over the counter and ship it myself.
  20. No problems at all. I and members of this forum is indebted to you for the great amount of work you have put into organizing packing shipping etc for these GB. I am now publicly giving you a BIG THANK YOU!!!
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