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  1. To be fair, the only reason why any of the Cavalli gear was viewed positively back in the day on HF was because there were only a handful of people shilling the fuck out of the CA pre-release LF and LL prototypes and before Jude's production unit reviews. I remember this clearly as it was around the LCD2 rev1/early rev 2 time and how many people got locked out of the related threads for apparently threadcrapping, myself included. NoNoNoNoNoNo, icenine and few others were hyping the fuck out of the original Liquid Fire and the hype went there onwards, muppetface had her own little thread where she and dbel wrote stories about how wonderful the LL and LG was going to be before a full production unit was even released. It wasn't until people started having issues with the original LF and LL mk1 units, Birgirs LL thread here and Macedonian's KGSSHV vs LL review on HF that people started realizing the shit Cavalli was doing, oh and the massive price drops with mk2 releases shortafter rendering the first amp iterations worth fuck all in terms of value. I saw this shit coming with CA being the next to close down after RSA, once the hype dies down, all the shit will be laid out for people to see wtf is really going on with these amps.
  2. Housing reminds me of the Audeze LCD, what material is it made out of?
  3. How much is the amp off taobao?
  4. The T-8000 is $7600 AUD. I can buy a BHSE with this amount.
  5. Is the amp on aliexpress or taobao?
  6. $5000 tube buffer energiser.
  7. Quite surprised by its fairly large footprint.
  8. Which pads? I've tried a few from a few headphones but I never liked the sound. How is the T8000?
  9. Odd audiocubes2 website doesn't return a response. I was browsing there website back in Feb and purchased an earpad for a friends SR-3. This doesn't stop the fact that you can still order these earpads from official Stax distributors in your country.
  10. I do know for a fact that if the pads are fucked on the SR-1 to SR-5 then the sound is messed up. Audiocubes still supply SR-X and SR-1 to 5 pads on there website.
  11. Apart from the SR-2 and the SR-X MK3 Pro, the SR-5NB is also one Stax model I have not owned or heard. How does it compare to the regular SR-5?
  12. I thought Kevin and Birgir liked Schiit based on what they are doing and not gloss there headphones with bs prices and other bs like Cavalli and Co. does?
  13. @spritzer, where does one get the tube rings you used on your Octave amplifier you're selling?
  14. Definitely option G for me from that list if I was answering the question.
  15. Anyway here is the schematic for the Talent BD dac, minus the the PSU. From what I've seen and been given info with, CN06 is the PSU connector to the external unit. Any idea on the exact voltage and current inputs? I was told it uses +/- 5 and 12v regulated power supplies. The K01 relay on my pcb indicates it operates on 5vdc, but the circuit mentions it as a 12vdc unit? Therefore maybe a higher supply to it i.e. 15v or so is needed? Stax DAC-Talent_BD sch.pdf
  16. The persons ebay account is still active?
  17. Anyway thanks to a certain somebody from diyaudio they sent me schematic for the board but not the psu.
  18. I've seen that and that is indeed the DAC in question. The big box underneath is the battery circuit coupled with the transformer in the black box. The battery unit utilises 6x6v batteries, has an autocharge function from what I've read. But I need some internal pictures or schematics for the whole unit to work out the power supply needed for the DAC board.
  19. That's a non production prototype unit. The Angstrom stuff sound pretty good. Didn't Nick have a custom headamp built by these guys back in the days on the other site to drive his R10's?
  20. Picked up a Stax Talent BD dac board that was used by the previous buyer. Thing is I can't find a single picture online, service manual or any evidence of what the power supplies are to this thing but I'm guessing from rough glance there should be a +/- 3/5, 9 and/or 12/24v rails to the dac board. Any suggestions? @spritzer @kevin gilmore
  21. I've been looking at alternative output/IV stages for the AD1853. Balanced by design and I have a circuit that is using the default output circuit on the Analog Devices datasheet for the DAC IC. Kevin what do you think about a output design using something similar to Borbely's JFET output circuit in place for an I/V converter?
  22. I personally like a tube output stage or a tube buffer after the dac I/C itself because most of the solidstate outputs there in commercial dac's are garbage sounding, some overcompensated with a high or low pass filter and a chain of shitty opamps one after the other. Kevin any chance of a properly done tubeoutput stage schematic for current or voltage output dac's?
  23. I thought mulveling sold most of his stat stuff off?
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