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  1. Then it will be worth $2k max after a minor face lift to the case once v2 comes out.
  2. I've got a few GP drivers but no spare SR-3 shells from memory, what is the degrill mod you did? You sort of need the backwave wool that are in SR-3 and SR-5 shells otherwise the sound goes fuzzy.
  3. Can we still use the 1968's in place for the CCS without any board modifications? I have a decent amount of 1968's with me.
  4. Sent them an email 4 years ago and they still haven't replied back to it. Wonder who the next distributor for the US Stax is going to be.
  5. They aren't optimal with the current Stax amplifiers. I tried this with my ECR-500 and ECR-400's and the sound was absolutely shit without any drive behind it. Loss of gain and diaphram collapses if you drive it on material that has anything below 40-60hz. Even after converting both my ECR-500 and 400's to full blown electrostats using the existing drivers the sound is still not optimal off Stax units unless I hook it up to a custom voltage doubler DC output circuit outputting circa 810vdc. The d/s gap between the stators to the mylar is far more than any of the Stax drivers I've pulled apart and rebuilt, hence the requirement for a higher bias but I do believe it just needs an all round solid amplifier with a higher then 580vdc pro-bias. This is the 9th ECR-600's I've seen pop up over the past 5 years. The last one I helped another gentleman procure it from Japan. The ECR-800 is a different story and there is a hc'er here that owns one.
  6. Ouch, that's almost a $1000 too much for what 1 set with the energizer is really worth. They use to come up on ebay and head-fi years back anywhere between $100-250.
  7. Nope, I've been looking for a pair of ET1000's for sometime now. Never really see them pop up on ebay. How much they roughly are they being sold for?
  8. Used or new? I got quoted for approx $560 AUD for 009 earpads from my Australian distributor (yes I know insane pricing) years back when I had an 009. Placed a bid on the ECR-600's as I will be converting the drivers to Stax style design even if the d/s gap is larger than Stax's standard pro-bias spec. It's useless without the original adapter anyway. I have a good gut feeling the price of it will go sky high like the ECR-800 as there are serious collectors in Japan.
  9. http://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/m188034736 It's the first ECR-800 that I have seen in a very very long time. And there was an SRA-8S as well that was sold for a around $500.
  10. I hope the person winning on those ultra rare Sony ECR 800's was you spritzer.
  11. Wonder what material for the diaphragm will Dan be using. I do like his ear pads for the other planar headphones he currently manufactures as they have a good balance between seal, comfort (and not heating your ears up) and form.
  12. If Dan is smart he will make his new estat's compatible with existing amplifier designs for Stax earspeakers.
  13. Currently Summer here. Any word on a possible new 009 successor or a O2 and 009 between-er?
  14. You may get more luck out of Electromods UK than Yama's. Yama's are pretty much tightarses with Stax parts and most of the time will say nada or direct you to contact the Stax distributor in your country. Electromods are a better bunch to deal with as I've ordered some one off Stax parts they had laying around no other distributors I contacted had.
  15. The way I see it Fang is just starting to become a greedy Cunt with a capital C.
  16. I don't care about the pricing on the most part but I hate a headphone being released only to have a revision released few months later depreciating the value of the first iteration immediately. Audeze is too blame for starting the whole revisional updates to headphones models.
  17. Correction it wasn't RMAF, CES 2k16. http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/ces-2016-highlight-warwick-audio-ultra-thin-electrostatic-driver-material
  18. Saw the video with these ages ago I think it was last years RMAF or something with Tyll interviewing the Warwick Audio representative with the prototype headphones. Not a fan of the detachable cables.
  19. mtoc deserves the ban hammer.
  20. Nothing in that article suggests that a possible T2 successor will be released in the future.
  21. It is indeed built in China but you know what I'm saying when I saw get it built in China by 3rd party small-time manufacturers there such as those that replicated Kevin's Krell headphone amplifier boards into very cheap builds on ebay etc. I've only seen physical photos of the two versions of the 300B amp, the prototype presented at last years meet (was it RMAF or Canjam?) and the new one with the crazy heatsinking that looks like a basin, there is no way the thing represents $50,000USD worth of value, it's not even using fancy shit and materials that the new Orpheus uses. I mean stuff the amplifier full of Duelands and V-Caps and you still won't get to that figure. It definitely seems like Fang Bian is indeed charging through the roof prices of an amplifier without good quality control, considering Hifiman's history with constantly fixer upper revisions to headphone models, early adopters will most likely see a drop in value once Shangri-La v2 comes out. Lets look back at the original Jades which was around $2k (after currency translation here), I've heard, held and seen one in person in my own hands and that shit was worth $500 at most with quality that doesn't even touch my 30 year old Lambda Pro.
  22. Before I believe anything written by mtoc and his claims, an actual link or reference should be posted here to steer away bs from real BS. I'm willing to bet if somebody had internal shots and overall outside shots of the Shangri la you can get it built for 1/8th of the price in China.
  23. Craig were you ever a scientist or professor at Oxford by any chance?
  24. Used LN2 many times in the past before in copper pots for overclocking CPU's. It is indeed awfully cheap compared to the prices of liquid helium.
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