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  1. I like to start my blind holes on a heat sink (or any thing else) with a thru hole tap and then finish with a closed end tap. this allows the threads to be better formed deeper in the hole. I use a drill press set to the proper depth to avoid drilling all the way through but a hand drill with tape wound around the drill bit at the proper depth works also, just a little less precise. Me
  2. That does not appear to be one of AMB's Sigma 22's. Could be part of your problem is here. Me
  3. Perhaps not the right place for this post, but went and saw Bright Burn at the theater last night. Awesome! Movie tells the story of what Superman would be like if he was evil. By James Gunn. Me
  4. Step two, some wire twisting wouldn't hurt. Step three, transformer way too close to amp board. Did you try your project before you boxed it up. Me
  5. I also finished Jessica Jones this week. Enjoyed it immensely! Definitely dark. It's hard to imagine anyone other than Krysten Ritter in the part. She has it nailed. Very interesting what they did with Carrie-Anne Moss' character. Me
  6. Signed up for one alpha pot case and paid. Thank you, Me
  7. I am curious about the board between the amp and power supply. Dual volume controls? Me
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