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  1. Cool!
  2. Truly awesome! Me
  3. Received mine. Thank you!
  4. Payment sent. Thanks a ton!
  5. I have also been using Navships wore for a number of years and I have been very happy with it. Also, his Ebay reputation is stellar. Me
  6. Payment sent. Thanks
  7. I too am interested! Good work! Me
  8. Payment sent, address is correct. Thank you, Me
  9. There have been no updates on this since Dec. 28. Me
  10. I have the same feeling. America has a dark cloud over it and it's getting darker. My feelings for hope are being replaced by dread. Me
  11. Just finished Daredevil myself, excellent. Watched Luke Cage and Jessica Jones last week, awesome. Can't wait for Iron Fist and the Defenders later this year. Me
  12. I agree with Mr Sawyers. Unlike climate change , outlet theory is well established. Additionally, as bass weighs more than treble, with an upside down outlet, you will lose a lot of your bass to ground. This is a leading cause of systems that sound bright. The devil is in the details. Big mistake! Cheap covers allow the active electrons to escape. Me
  13. I would be in on that group buy. Me
  14. Well done. Like that front panel! Me