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  1. Lowther TP-1? Lord, those must sound incredible! (the one certainly looks incredible)
  2. One source I used. Great to deal with. https://www.ebay.com/itm/PTFE-wire-Alpha-5854-7-or-equiv-20-ga-Mil-16878-4-silver-plated-10-feet/292416116301 Many other wire gauges, solid or stranded available by seller. Do a search of his other items.
  3. A couple of videos of Guita Rei. Here she channels John Lee Hooker with a dash of Creem. For the second one, use your headphones. It’s a binaural recording.
  4. I shook some salt on them and the soundstage shrunk.
  5. Those reissue GL KT77s sounded sweet in my GG too.
  6. That’s the one I was thinking of JoaMat. The “Sandwich Amp” is only other electrostatic tube amp besides the DIY T2, that ties G3 to the Plate on the PCB. All others tie G3 to Cathode.
  7. I haven’t heard/read the actual reason so can’t speak to Justin’s stated policy of not using KT77s in his amps. Whether a design flaw in those particular tubes substituting for EL34s or his customers’ experience with a bad batch or two are possibilities, but only unfounded speculation. Just don’t put any KT77s in his amps.
  8. The trouble is with the non-standard pin out of JJ beam power “pentode” tubes (6CA7 and KT77) as seen in the DIY T2 circuit . In the DIY T2 (as well as the original T2), G3 (pin1) on the PCB are connected to the plate (B+). Using the big bottle JJ 6CA7 with its G3 brought out to pin 1, effectively makes the beam forming plates the anode. They were not designed to take the full plate load current. On all other Kevin Gilmore amps (except the all tube Grounded Grid amps which no one has built) connect G3 to the cathode (G1) on the PCBs. Using true pentode EL34/6CA7 or G3 internally cathode connected beam power tetrodes work fine here. Using JJ 6CA7s or JJ KT77s are the problem. In the DIY T2, true pentode= OK, JJ Beam power = problem, all other Beam power = OK. It’s easy to visually verify if pin 1 on the JJs is internally connected or not. Justin has his own customer histories that makes him advise not to use KT77s in his amps. So don’t do it there!
  9. Just searched..... and this might explain it. From the Pontiac Aztec Wiki page: “The Aztek was styled under the direction of Tom Peters, who would later design the Chevrolet Corvette (C7).”
  10. Bob Lutz’s quote “looks like an angry kitchen appliance” on the Pontiac Aztec comes to mind.
  11. Definitely the worst view of the car. Butt fugley.
  12. Here’s a profile shot. Chevy certainly borrowed the styling ques and proportions in this view from the Ferrari 458.
  13. The all new midengine Corvette Stingray was introduced yesterday. Set to go on sale next year with a “base price under $60K”. 495hp naturally aspirated V8. 8 speed dual clutch automatic transmission only. 0-60mph in under 3 seconds. Hope they get the QC worked out on this. The Caddy ATS-V I bought in 2016 was a lemon that the factory bought back.
  14. Let’s see if this works here. A 360 degree panoramic shot from Chuck Yeager’s seat in the Bell X1 https://www.airspacemag.com/articles/chuck-yeagers-cockpit-180964968/ Edit: Doesn’t appear to. Go to the link.
  15. You can substitute Dale Vishay RN60 series for KOA Speer MF1 resistors. __________________________________________________________________ Have had my CFAe amp powered up for over a week now and things have settled in. Tried out my IEM SR-003mk2 with new super comfy ear pod attachment and covers. These ear pods and amp together are a surprisingly sweet sounding combo.
  16. Taking the time to get well is the #1 priority. All else is just a DIY hobby. Don't push it. Get your health back first.
  17. Laowei

    Kaldas Research

    How long did you burn them in? ? /joking
  18. No problem, Jose. Just having a very bad day on my end, and seems like I took it wrong.
  19. I’m drinking a beer ATM. So witch is your favorite KG all Solid State Amp??
  20. I only listened between the CFA and GG with my SR-009. I like the sound of the GG quite a bit better. Can’t say where everything sits on an absolute scale. So I am fair, but not as experienced as others here. That’s all.
  21. That answers a lot for me. I have a breadboarded CFEA up and running and was not warming up to the sound of it. I set it aside and went back to my GG, much prefering it as my daily amp. Maybe I need to play the CFEA for hours as you suggest to really retrain my ears.
  22. Maybe a cold solder joint on the PCB between the terminal block and the base pin of the input JFET? Try reflowing the connections on the -I side that distorts.
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