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  1. It’s all about the hype with them..never did get the thing about mrspeakers cans sounding good..
  2. Perhaps just quote Birgir's name and they may give you a long private session with your own gears
  3. Ok saw it. Nice impressions of the sound..looks like something worth a little extra attention
  4. Looking good there. You should instead name it the kgsshv-v and probably sell it for a whole lotta benjamins:p
  5. This looks like what the show car guys are doing - wire tucks. Reckon it would be a big hassle to identify the offending wire should anything go wrong..
  6. Just get the Ares I’m planning to.
  7. Well if you didnt do what you’ve been doing then we wouldn’t have great designs now, would we?
  8. Price is attractive enough to buy just out of curiosity's sake but i worry it may blow my cans up or worse, blow itself up...
  9. Yeah, looks like a mix of different topologies in one amp? BJT, tubes..i don't know anything about this but looks interesting. Reckon it will work and not bust a headphone, or two? Here's another one with some internal pics : https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Venture-Electronics-Electrostatic-Headphone-Tube-Amplifier/1924356_32417359282.html?spm=2114.12010615.0.0.2c3976acekwIQx
  10. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Enterprise-E-Lite-electrostatic-amp/1924356_32828582951.html?spm=2114.12010612.0.0.646370aboSblkp Anyone know anything about this amp? ?
  11. Just buy a pre-built Carbon from Spritzer..
  12. Well them Chinese are well known for copying stuff lock stock and barrel...reliability is anybody’s guess.
  13. I see this chap also builds and sells KG electrostatic amps - are these reliable? The price seems pretty competitive.
  14. Is this amp similar to the dynalo? Was thinking if I should get the dynalo mk2 on Birgirs site or hunt this cfa amp down..
  15. The JLC is elegant but personally I prefer thicker watches, the diver types although ironically I don't dive
  16. Hahahaha...thought so, Dave. All i can do is drool at the watches as i could never afford them. I could however, afford a Rolex Explorer II but that'd mean giving up on some other audio gear
  17. Dave, perhaps you can sell me your BHSE and that'd quicken up your savings for the JLC
  18. There's a beautiful T2 for sale over at HF..believe its a Kerry build.
  19. How's the sound compared to your other KG amps, specifically the Carbon?
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