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  1. I picked up an XDA-1 when Emotiva was liquidating their stock a while back. In factory condition it sounded very good, but after replacing all the signal caps with Elna Silmic and Cerafines, it sounded much better to my ears....definitely worth the money I paid for it. Have you considered the XDA-2...I haven't heard it yet. Then, there are the older Dacs that sound great...Parasound DA/C 800 and 1000, Assemblage DAC-2, GDA600 to name a few. I'm a sucker for the older PCM chips but they may not be your bag.
  2. 698 + 24 = 722 The big 25 coming up. Started dating her while she was still in High School (sophomore) and I had just joined the military (19). We went to the same High School (she was a freshman when I was a senior).
  3. Cheese is good...as long as it's not Fromunda.
  4. I didn't realize HC was down....work and a recent surgery are harshing my mellow. Thanks Todd for a great forum!
  5. Good album...I especially like the 4 live tracks at the end.
  6. Those must have been made for Barney. For those that don't like the purple, you can always go ghetto and change the color with a black Sharpie.
  7. Was the area she moved to recently renovated...like new carpets? Those new carpets out-gas for quite a while and can make people sick. Short of that, I would use Lysol or some other type of bacterial spray.
  8. I saw Deep Purple in 1985 in Mannheim Germany when I was in the Army. What a great show. RIP Jon Lord.
  9. He looks like a complete douchenozzle...
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