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  1. Just bought a pre-owned Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC HSM wide angle lense for my new Sony A33 camera
  2. Happy Birthday Fitz! Enjoy your day!
  3. I have the one and only standard Equilibrato, unforunately Craigs supplier of the transformer he used had retired and was not going to build any more. Craig did build another Equilibrato SE with 300B tubes, but told me that he wasn't going to build any more Equilibratos. I think between the ZD, ZDT and BA, he has enough tube amps to keep most customers happy. But Craig is continually working to improve things.
  4. The Musiland did sound great in Augsburgers office, so much so that I bought one too. There are many more options out there, so a lot of it depends upon budget. My wallet is thin, so I opted for cheap and pretty good sounding. I use this in my office with the MF V-DAC which sounds is not perfect, but good enough for office work.
  5. zippy2001

    COD Black Ops

    Thanks. I'm still trying to get used to the xbox controller. the XIM3 is on the way, the mouse arrived today.
  6. With AT&T U-Verse, you get what you pay for...
  7. zippy2001

    COD Black Ops

    This is about as good as I can do, and it's by sheer luck. I probably should have died another half dozen times at least
  8. I'm quite excited, I just ordered the Sony A33. After quite a bit of window shopping, comparison and online research, I thought the Sony A33 would fit my needs.
  9. zippy2001

    COD Black Ops

    That is some beastly gameplay right there. I really haven't played much with the Galil, I seem to move slower and always get killed. What sensitivity to you have your setting on? I'm sure my settings are much lower compared to yours.
  10. zippy2001

    COD Black Ops

    I like the G11, but don't use it so much as I keep prestiging. I normally use the MP5K, AK74U, Famas. If I can pry the XBOX controller from my sons hands, I'll join you and Aaron. We can be the Head-Case clan [d--b], for hardcore headsets.
  11. zippy2001

    COD Black Ops

    Nice gameplay Ed, I've playing a lot of Black Ops lately, but on the PS3. Too bad I haven't been playing on the XBOX, otherwise I'd be beating you like a seal pup with a baseball bat. Just kidding I'd never beat a seal pup.
  12. Posty congrats on adopting Neko from the shelter, that is awesome. I love the name I love the haircut I love the pix
  13. Happy Birthday Reks, enjoy the day!
  14. I don't think I have a lot of plans, I'll give you a call manana.
  15. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes. It was a pretty lame birthday. All I did was drive home with the family from Las Vegas, ate at the Earl of Sandwich and had a wonderful dinner at McDonalds.
  16. Happy Birthday fellas, at least you share a birthday with someone famous! And you always have the day off.
  17. Feliz Navidad to all of mi Head-Case amigos!
  18. I don't have a fancy PC with optical output. At home I go straight from USB to Lavry DA11 because it supports 24/96 high def files. The MF V-DAC only supports 16 /44, that is why I added the musiland Monitor01 USB to SPDIF converter. So I can enjoy the 24/96 files that I buy from HDTracks. I haven't tried the more expensive converters.
  19. I do love the convenience of computer audio and I don't think it's that complicated, but you can get as crazy as you want with all the different converters and cables and dacs, etc. I use Foobar2000 and at home I just have a USB to Lavry DA11 to my amp / headphones. At work, I have USB to musiland monitor 01 us to toslink to music fidelity dac to my receiver. They both sound good, but if I'm in the mood for analog goodness I'll spin some vinyl )
  20. I bought the Canon S90 last year and I like it. It functions fairly well in low light compared to my previous p&s cameras. It offers quite a bit of functionality and the compact size is nice. It can capture some nice pictures and you can save in RAW format.
  21. Happy Happy Birthday to you!
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