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  1. I'd just go with a standard 22.5 Weber. This is stuff that I did years, and years ago. It was amazingly good.
  2. The Bingies are just on fire today, for photos.
  3. A wild Dunhill appears. Here is this morning, when he wasn't being a bad boy.
  4. Better to be old than the alternative.
  5. God, it feels like it wasn't that long ago when this was brand new. We is old, Nate.
  6. Today's batards. They (well, the one I ate, anyway) turned out very nicely.
  7. Thank you, HemiSam. I don’t know what the sweet spot is. When I had a Patek 3940g for a week was where I should have stopped, but keeping the watch.
  8. That’s a beautiful piece, as I remembered. I’ll go to the store tomorrow. Was going to go today, but panic attack. I really, really wish I had a BSL3 suit. I bet the 39mm Speedy wears beautifully. Better than my 42mm Pros.The GMT 2 looks like a monster in comparison.
  9. I really like my Apple watches, but I understand. I might switch to a GMT Master for the afternoon, if I can find a bottle of gin in my pantry... No gin found. I knew there wouldn’t be any. How does the FOIS wear? I have a pre-moon and a current pro, but I’m not that familiar with how other Speedies (and yours is a beauty) wear. I am down to a 6.5 inch wrist now, but I honestly think the Pros wear smaller than my 116170LN, though bigger than the 1675.
  10. I'm wearing mechanicals for the first time in weeks. Why don't they unlock my computers when I walk nearby? Anyway, attached is a comparison of JLC and Cartier blued-hands. I think the JLC hands are a bit nicer, at least on a less-than-sunny day. There is a slight variation in the thermal-bluing, so I'd say that all of these are hand-blued, but the JLC hands are done slightly slower, which is why they pop so much.
  11. Crisping up some tofu for a sandwich. Sourdough salted boule.
  12. I made my first demi-baguette in many years. It turned out okay. I made roasted garlic vegan "butter" as a topper. Tofu is delicious. I freeze it, then press it, then brine it, then batter and fry it.
  13. Nice, Nate! I was less good: I smoked cigarettes on a friend's balcony. I only smoke during pandemics.
  14. If the bracelet were 2mm thinner, I think it would look a lot better.
  15. My days, in social isolation, are spent listening to podcasts while I go about exercise, cooking, and fussing with cats. I haven't put on a non-Apple watch in weeks. I miss my real ones, but it's so nice being able to control a Podcast from my wrist.
  16. I like that room a lot.
  17. Mine has gone from normal to slow as shit. I haven't really discovered a pattern to the timing.
  18. I really like that rug. It really ties the room together.
  19. I haven't read his last two, but AR is one of my favorite writers (I have those two, I just haven't read yet).
  20. Happy birthday, Al: stay home.
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