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  1. I'm so sorry about Hunter, Todd. I'm dreading my Dunhill's exit, as he ages. I love him so much and want to pretend I'll have had him for more than a few short years, but he is... starting to fade.
  2. I think I have my Flair dialed in. The pressure gauge is a must have. This was a delicious shot made with light roast yirgacheffe, just from a grocery store, and ground just with a Bodum Bistro (you can get away with more with a manual machine, since you have complete control). It’s a pain in the ass to make coffee this way (and I use a NanoFoamer for milk), but I rarely drink coffee, and I love the Flair. I like that it’s a pain in the ass. 16/32 in 31 seconds, not quite 9 bar. Sweet, complex, moderate acidity, good texture. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect puck or a prettier shot (not that crema adds anything useful).
  3. Now that I think about it, my math was way off: 20 years until it’s really mine, since he bought it in 1970 and died in 2006. My accounting professors would be appalled.
  4. I mean it won’t really be mine until then, as I’ve only had it for 15 years at this point.
  5. I won’t own this 1675 for another 10 years. Happy Father’s Day, dad.
  6. A couple months in with it: if you have a Speedy with a 20mm lug width, and you don’t like the bracelet it’s on or came with, the Forstner flat link is amazing. It’s not “nice” (as I mentioned earlier it’s a modernized JB Champion, and JBC made garbage), but it’s a really wonderful wear: it’s perfectly modified garbage I guess. I have my 1861 on my wrist a lot due to it.
  7. I haven’t set the 1675 in months (I haven’t worn it in months), and it hasn’t been serviced in 5 years. I guess it is still keeping good time.
  8. I put my 116710LN on for the first time in a couple months a little while ago. I figured it would be way off, living on a winder and given the date wheel issue. 9 years old. Never serviced. On a winder for two months. It was +19. That’s hard to not be impressed by, I think.
  9. I don’t know if I’m buying a watch this year or not. I told Heather I wouldn’t, but it wasn’t because she cared if I did, but more a reason for me to simply enjoy what I already have. The Seamaster 300 that was announced today might change my mind on that. I don’t know. My Omega/Cartier AD closed last year (before pandemic, the owner retired and her kids didn’t want to take over), so I don’t know if I would be able to get 25 percent anywhere else. Probably not. I probably wouldn’t have gotten that on a new model anyway, not for a while. But it’s a looker. Also I would wear it. I want a dive watch again. I could get a Captain Cook, or another Prospex, or something, but I wouldn’t wear them, so it’s a waste of money. The 300 I would wear. I’d hate the very first scratch the bezel got, but I’d love how it ended up looking, I’m sure. I like aluminum inserts.
  10. I’m going to send them to Grado. There will be a note taped in several places that says “do not replace the drivers.” It’s the same thing I do before I have surgery: “don’t cut this leg off,” with sharpie. Last time I had limb surgery the main surgical nurse laughed when he saw that I had already done it.
  11. Can you tell that this has gotten a lot of wear? I'll probably never have it polished. Maybe the brush on the lugs. I can't imagine a better daily wear.
  12. The phones can stay where the are for the future. Thank you, Nate.
  13. My late 90's RS-1, which is my absolute favorite headphones (I don't know what words to use; is it a trouser or a pair; if anybody should know it should be me) in the world, need to be fixed. I think it's just a solder joint that became brittle. They have been like this for a while, but I could sort of nudge them. I called Grado about replacing the cable, and the woman (I assume a Grado relative, given her accent) could not promise that the drivers would't be replaced. In fact, she immediately mentioned that the drivers would be replaced, and I had to question her on that. The drivers have been blown into plenty of times. It's that sort of thing. Like a Rolex or a Montblanc, that defeats the purpose of even having it. I’d rather have a broken pair than a pair with new drivers I could fix the issue, soldering wise, but I can't open the cups with my stupid numb fingers. Is there anybody who is willing to crack them open? I'll happily pay what Grado wants. If it fails, I won't be mad. They just sit there. I think I've made this same thread before, more than a year ago, so clearly it's not urgent, but I would like to have the phones work if possible.
  14. My partner has gotten into watches a bit (I should never have given her that Timex last year, literally just off my coffee table where I had forgotten I had thrown it), and I bought a Tissot Lovely Square for her. The packaging is trying way too hard. The thing on top is a 280 page illustrated history of Tissot, which is included with a catalog that is basically a miniature coffee-table book. I wonder if anybody has ever read that history of Tissot. I bet she'll like it, being a literature professor and all. I also got a Seiko "Tank" for her, which is a surprisingly hard watch to get considering how cheap they are (and holds up surprisingly well compared to my mother's 40 year old Must de Cartier Tank, though it's not quite as nice as my mother's 45 year old Seiko "Tank" that was the first watch my father ever bought her, and which had a similar price retail). She likes wearing my Reverso and my Santos, so I figured square-ish and different would be good choices. The large Santos fits her surprisingly well, with a bunch of links removed (she is tiny), but I figured something smaller would be a good idea for daily wear. Also she can't have my Santos.
  15. Remind me to never look at prices of Rolex steel sports watches on the secondary market again; I don’t want to miss another watch.
  16. Still wearing the 1861 speedy on the flat link, and the GMT 2 continues to change date smoothly. Everything’s coming up Millhouse! https://youtu.be/M67E9mpwBpM
  17. Well, two years is a while to wait!
  18. That’s a nice fucking watch. Also, Omega continues with the ridiculous watch boxes! That is the NATO pattern of my choice, too. I miss my 300M. I miss a lot of watches. They come up. One will come up at the right time.
  19. My 116710LN has developed a sticky date wheel. It still keeps COSC. It hasn’t been worked on since it was new (2012). Any tricks? I know sometimes one can redistribute lubricant. I can slightly touch the hour indent and it advances. I know it just needs a service, but I wear it and it’s not a great moment to do it. Update: I shook the shit out of it last night and it seemingly popped right over to the date at the switch, as it was not stuck when I woke this morning. *shrug*
  20. I never really wore my 1861 Speedy much. Why would I; I have a Pre-Moon. I haven’t taken it off since I put it on this bracelet. Highly recommended.
  21. A La Flor Dominicana Colorado gordo. Much more delicate than I expected. Very good. I went to a very nice cigar shop in Greensboro, gave the sales person my preferences and what I wanted to spend, and let him choose. It was a mixture of things I have had (mostly sticks I would have gotten if I were choosing), and things I hadn’t had. This is one of the latter. I haven’t been disappointed by any, and I’ll be back there when I see Heather again in NC.
  22. Right? The bracelet on the new Master Chrono Speedies are very nice, but also an expensive replacement, assuming you can even get one. I looked at the bracelet that came with this watch and immediately put it on a strap.
  23. The Forstner flat-link came today. Adjustment is a little fiddly, but even I managed it without too much difficulty. I’m very happy with it. It’s a long bracelet (I took out six links), but has a short buckle, so it should work with a lot of wrist sizes. If anybody gets one, I would suggest sizing it slightly tight, as it has three expansion links. It feels like a well worn in vintage Jubilee bracelet, though obviously not as solid; it’s a modern interpretation of a shitty JB Champion, after all! The Forstner bracelets are much better made than anything JBC ever made, but retain the vintage charm.
  24. Forstner JB Champion Flat Link bracelet (brushed) ordered for my 1861 Speedy. I hate the bracelet that came with it, and have always worn it on a strap because of that, and I also don’t really want to spend the $1,000 or whatever it will be for the bracelet that was introduced with the new coaxial Speedy (it has been confirmed to fit the older models, maybe requiring a kiss of a grinder if you want it to be perfectly flush). The bracelet on my Pre-Moon is more or less perfect, and the Flat-Link should be similar. I’ll report back. This is a “normal” bracelet, so I won’t have the issues that I did with the mesh one (which has found a happy home since).
  25. We both made it through our procedures (there was a cancellation so he had his early, yesterday). We both miss our teeth, though. I had never had to give a solid pill to a cat before (pain meds). It wasn’t too bad, but the liquid antibiotic is a lot easier.
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