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  1. Apparently the other side of the chair is Dunhill's Saturday rest-spot after lunch-time treats.
  2. He did eventually jump off. He stayed on me for about an hour. It has never happened before and I don’t know why it happened now, but he seemed to like the ride.
  3. A highly strange parrot has been on my shoulder for the last half-hour or so. I had to contort to get his face in the frame: he seemed happy being anonymous, and won't jump off (he is digging into me as I type this).
  4. She'll be three this year. I hope she continues to be as stupidly cute. This is my Silver Dilber. Bingie-cat Third Class.
  5. Quickles Vietnamese-style are easy: just a pinch of salt and a bigger pinch of sugar, stir, let sit for a couple hours. I dunno his recipe. I haven't made Kimchi or Sauerkraut in ages.
  6. I dunno: I sort of think Satan would have better customer service.
  7. It was the sudden “this is def gonna ship tomorrow” turning into “nope, lol,” that got me. My first gen iPad Pro still works fine anyway.
  8. It should be a current product in AT&T's state side supply chain. AT&T is far too incompetent to do "just-in-time."
  9. I guess I'm not getting the iPad Pro 12.9. A month shipping delay on a current product seems insane.
  10. As far as I know, he has never listened to them! Silver likes Bossa Nova, though. I like Tuxes, too: I've yet to meet one that wasn't a sweetheart.
  11. Dunhill sits here much more than I do. Those are special babies!
  12. Understood. Thanks guys! I'm sure I'll still like it for reading comic books!
  13. I have a 12.9 inch pro incoming. I simply bought the recommended (by The Wirecutter) third party folio case for it, but I know I'll want to get a keyboard for it (my intention is to replace my MBP with the iPad Pro). Does anybody who has one of these have a keyboard recommendation? My current iPad is the first generation pro, and I hate the feel of the Apple Keyboard cover for it, and ended up using the Belkin QODE I used with my previous Air 2.
  14. Maybe the other components are full of helium and the power amps are holding them down?
  15. Thank you! This is my first foray into non-fiction, not including thesis papers. It's hard work! Not that fiction isn't, too; there is a reason I never finished my "great American novel." Well, also, my "great American novel" wasn't very good. So, there are two reasons why I never finished them.
  16. I wrote 1.5 pages of my book on the philosophy of management. I have now written four pages. Not bad for three days! It's about treating people in your organization like people, and encouraging their growth and development in order to grow and develop whatever it is you are managing.
  17. I wonder if my young cat would scratch those up if I had that in my living room...
  18. Oh, that room badly needs some sort of damping, but I love that staircase, and the art. And that console table. Sometimes you want things to be a little out of control.
  19. My girlfriend flies in to Cincinnati on Friday. I am thinking of making a batch of this when she is here, then taking it with me when I visit her in NC for my birthday. I have a decent cooler for my car, and then we can also drink whatever bourbon and rum is left over from the production (and Al's recipe is indeed the definitive version, and thank you for having made this thread, again). Goddammit Matt.
  20. It will be tasty (and I definitely think rum is the real base of the nog). Anyway: I don't necessarily agree with Kenzi Lopez-Alt on a lot of things, but he seemed to think that fresh nog is fine!
  21. I gotta say that I like this, but it's overpriced. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-timex-giorgio-galli-s1-automatic
  22. Has he been doing "paranormal photography" or something? It wouldn't surprise me, if so...
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