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  1. Has he been doing "paranormal photography" or something? It wouldn't surprise me, if so...
  2. I do think the UG wears extremely well. I have it on a period 20x14 Spiedel lizard strap and a UG gold-plated buckle. That strap has had the better part of a century to outgas, and it don't cause me issues. The watch keeps terrible time, but that is to be expected from a Unisonic, even right after service. There is a reason quartz became the electric standard. This would be an incredibly charming watch even if it didn't have my dad's name and social security number engraved on the back, but I'd hate to have had to have timed that 14 second burn on Apollo 13 (which was actually done with a 1675 GMT Master, not a Speedy) with it.
  3. I'm planning on putting together this year's batch together tomorrow. I didn't actually get to drink any of last year's batch, but that was a weird time in my life (I still made the batch, regardless!).
  4. That is definitely a shearling Bund strap.
  5. My AirPods currently last about two hours, so this is gonna be a perfect. They are my most used tech that isn't a phone or computer.
  6. I think it's a very strange looking watch, myself. I think it may just be the relatively wide bracelet. The details are all as you would expect from an ALS, but I'm not sure why I would buy this over, say, a train, which I could also afford.
  7. Me timing black beans this morning for soup later. Chronographs are useful! Oh, no worries, and you do great! I was making a joke about making a joke.
  8. I was just making a joke. Pretty does help, though.
  9. EdipisReks1


    The movie more or less was what happened in the comics, but the movie was bad and the comics are really, really good. Sometimes it's not the circuit, it's the implementation, I guess. Keep in mind that Alan Moore hasn't had a good idea in about 30 years, and it's a series very much of its time. As for me, Damon Lindelof is a total fucking hack, and I won't let him waste another second of the time I have left on this earth, if I can help it. I'd rather watch a show written by my cats, and the script for it would just be the word "treats" written over and over. At least that would have a reasonable ending, what with the cats finally getting treats. That is a far superior ending to anything Lindelolf has ever written.* *I haven't seen The Leftovers, but I have read the book. No thanks. Having said all of that, Al, if you are interested in the comics, the art by Dave Gibbons (pencils and inks, and I believe also the lettering) and John Higgins (colors), is a masterclass. And it's Moore at his best, and his best was very good (it's more than thirty years old :).)
  10. I mean, if the strategy fails, you can always wear the Bullhead at the homeless shelter, after she kicks you out.
  11. Wear it at work, only? With an alarm on your phone to remind you to take it off?
  12. I put watches back on bracelets every autumn, and every autumn I remark on how incredibly comfortable the Omega 1171 bracelet is.
  13. It being a '65, you were spot on. Go hotel libation, go!
  14. You aren't wrong that the shape was certainly popular in the 1970s, but the 60s had a lot more heterodox design-sensibility than you might think. It just seems staid in comparison late-60s and 1970s.
  15. I like my aluminum Series 4 watches. The titanium edition Series 5 looks awesome, though.
  16. It was actually made in 1965.
  17. I got the UG back from having the battery replaced. I do really like this watch, with its period correct 20x14 Spiedel lizard strap and gold-plated buckle.
  18. I don't have any mixed feelings about Malcolm Gladwell or Bill Simmons. I don't mind Audiobooks.
  19. Oh, did they? Anybody with two-thirds of a brain has known that since the brand started. If I wrote a long, boring blog-post about Hitler being bad, would I be exposing Hitler as being bad?
  20. If I hadn't just added the Drive Extra, I think I would get this. I think it's beautiful. Less than half the price (you can get substantial MB discounts), too. Mr. Cerrato is doing amazing work. https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/montblanc-heritage-gmt-value-proposition
  21. Human ears aren't the issue. Human ears are a relatively easy things to model. But our ears aren't how we hear. We hear with our brains, and the brain is entirely manipulatable. Deaf people can experience sounds, just as blind people can experience sight. Limbs that aren't there can be felt. Only an ignoramus would worry about tiny fractions of THD when it comes to an inherently fuzzy and subconsciously (I don't believe in tue consciousness, as an emergent property, and I think FMRI studies back me up on that*, but we sort of act like we are truly conscious) subjective input-analysis system like the human brain. * of course there are easier things to demonstrate this: try to remember what you were doing 50 miles behind you on a road-trip when you were driving in corn-country. I bet you can't, but you also didn't crash your car!
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