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  1. the 116170LN GMT2 has been on my wrist for the last few days, after an absence. I would take advantage of the Rolex steel sports watch boom (bare watches are going for crazy prices, and I have box and papers and receipt) if it weren't just such a fucking good watch, and super comfortable.
  2. I’m not out of Opus X, but they are a bit spendy. An Onyx will have to do.
  3. Thanks guys! Dunhill seems much more comfortable after the initial pain shot and antibiotic, which is very good, as he had been obviously miserable.
  4. Dunhill gave a loud shriek and tried to bite me, Saturday night, when I petted his jaw. He has never acted violently towards me at any time for even when he has been sick or injured, in the past. I assume he has been in pain for a while, and it just wasn’t obvious to hairless apes, and he just couldn’t take chin scratches anymore (I pay a lot of attention to their behavior, which has caught some things before they got bad; not this time). I unfortunately wasn’t able to get him into the vet until today (and I called around, believe you me). He requires substantial surgery for resorptive lesions. I knew he had some dental issues, but he never presented pain like that until he did, and the vet we had been seeing had been checking his mouth regularly, and never thought it needed anything other than special food and being watched. The dental specialist he saw today thinks that Dunnie had some significant trauma long before I got him, and it finally burst out. That is apparently a common thing with cats his age. It’s not a cheap procedure, and he is scheduled, and will be getting kitty Percocet shots every few days until then. Funny enough, I have my own oral surgery (extraction, abscess ablation, and bone graft, due to a root that finally failed around a crown from an accident that happened ten years ago, with implant and crown after I heal in 6 months) scheduled for Monday. Dunhill is going in the Monday after (quickest I could schedule him). I’m lucky I can afford both: if I couldn’t, Dunhill would be getting his and I would just have to wait. It would have been nice if he could have waited a few weeks; if he wants grafts and implants he’s gonna have to pay for them himself, though.
  5. I think it's really good. I should have the vinyl tomorrow, or maybe Thursday. Sounds great on Tidal.
  6. Wearing a watch, just because I have a wrist, feels... amazing. I should have done this a long time ago.
  7. I'm giving in here in 2021. I'm gonna do a Jack Forster dual-wrist. Today is two square watches. Every day will be at least one square watch. It's both strange and liberating.
  8. That’s a beautiful humidor. Mine is still my Sterelite document box
  9. Opus X Forbidden 13. Truly excellent.
  10. Boy am I dumb: I listened to I and II, and am about to listen to III (on Tidal). I have listened to this NM US first a few times, but the rice paper sleeves are so fragile that I hadn't noticed that, well: unplayed 45 single. My 40th birthday is December 31. I'll listen to it then.
  11. The Drive Extra-flat already feels like it might be too thin. I couldn't imagine that. Well, not unless somebody sends me one.
  12. I see my watches. Mostly Apple watches, but watches nonetheless. I don't have watches to show off, I have watches because I like watches. Also I need to tell the time. Also, ABtW can fuck off.
  13. I think the new blue alligator looks nice with the Buzz Rickson's. And apparently it's 12 hours off, since the watch thinks it's the future.
  14. I'm surprised: it was one of the very first automatic chronographs (I think Seiko beat them by a little bit), and was the movement that Rolex used for many years between the Valjoux 72 and their own in-house automatic chrono, for the Daytona.
  15. I leave Tuesday morning to go see my partner. A 7.5 hour car trip. I always give the "good watches" to my mother, to keep, if I'm going to be gone for a while, but it caught me that my travel roll was sort of interesting, in a buckle/clasp branding perspective.
  16. Dunhill's favorite place.
  17. I'm not entirely sure what to think about this development. I did complain that the 1675 wouldn't unlock my computers for me, so I guess I can't complain too much!
  18. I'm doing Linda McCartney cosplay, apparently (she had an FM, in that famous video).
  19. You would almost think they got along.
  20. The other one is back in her spot, too.
  21. Dunhill has reacquainted himself with home, after a week in North Carolina. Silver has too, but she is in a box. I've gotta brush that Pendleton blanket. Dunhill goes out of his way to be a hallway obstacle in the dark.
  22. I think this is a reasonable question. My vintage RS-1 and HD-800S don't get used much. My Bose NC700 get used about 18 hours a day. I'm always on the move. They are comfortable, they sound fine, and the noise cancelling is great.
  23. Today’s watch. The last couple days were the Santos. No Apple Watch, or caring about what I eat, until I leave Greensboro this coming weekend.
  24. I agree with SW: always get the bracelet.
  25. The price was just Amazon Prime at $43.
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