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  1. So the Casa Fagliano Reverso strap gives me a rash. It’s slow and not that irritating (some leather gives me hives within minutes) and I don’t normally wear that watch for 24 hours, so it’s like my other dressy watches. it’s acceptable. I’m happy. If anybody cared this is the update.
  2. I slapped the 1861 Speedy back on. I’ve always hated winding it. By far the least favorite of my hand-winders. Apparently it just needed to be broken in? Bizarre. It isn’t like the Piguet based ebauche in the Drive Extra, or the early 861 in the pre-moon, or the JLC 822/2, all of which are absolute sensory pleasures to wind, but I don’t hate it anymore.
  3. This is just stupidly good. Good Brothers Washed Agro. I froze it about two weeks after it’s roast date. Reduces fines. this is a cup.
  4. Why would I possibly want better pour-over? I don’t even like pour-over. Don’t tell my fiancée. as she has a bunch of shit (so I didn’t have to travel with).
  5. This isn’t entirely awful. Ground with a calibrated piece of shit (the good grinder is for espresso). I was going for 100 on the bloom (I don’t do quite anybody’s method, but I know this coffee)). Second pour and stir was at 200 to .01.
  6. I like it, for sure. It’s a pain in the ass. Might be part of why I like it.
  7. Goes great with basketball shorts.
  8. So far so good! The quality of workmanship and materials is… I don’t even know how to describe it, and I typically wear custom made artisan straps to replace OEM straps from the likes of Cartier. It’s “Good” :). I bought this as a demo strap from a jeweler in Australia (it was removed from a watch they sold and replaced with the OEM alligator strap, which is a strap of extremely high quality, in and of itself), so I paid a small percentage of the new strap for one worn the same amount of wear you would put on it strapping it on for the first time. Having said that, I one hundred percent understand why these are like $1200 new. The only thing I don’t care for is that it doesn’t come with a taper to 16mm unless you custom order. I have a 16mm (two, now that I think about it) JLC buckle, so maybe I’ll look into that now that I’m reasonably sure I can wear the strap.
  9. The Forstner JBC flat link is really made for a Speedy, and for that vintage feel, but I bet it would look great on your watch! I guess we’ll find out if this gives me a rash.
  10. Here is the rest of the bracelet! It’s a cheap piece of shit (it’s a version of a JB Champion after all), but the best version possible of a cheap piece of shit. It’s super comfortable. Anyway, I think 1995 or 96 was when Omega went from 861 to 1861.
  11. I was gonna stick one of the Omega NATOs on the 1861 Speedy, because…. I dunno. It’s summer? Whatever that means. But the Forstner JBC bracelet is just brilliant, so I could not be bothered. I just knew I wanted to wear a Speedy, and the pre-moon (which I have worn a NATO on) is too fragile for day-to-day.
  12. I have indeed. Keep in mind that my roast date was 7/5, so it’s still pretty off-gassy, so I do an extra 10 seconds or so of pull (using a lever machine, where you flow profile by default), but it’s very good. Tasty cortado in the afternoon is a nice thing. This coffee is basically what you would expect a high altitude light/medium single farm roast Colombian to taste like. I can’t think of higher praise for a decaf.
  13. I was gone for a few days, to see my partner, who is not local. A friend visited the Bingies, but I guess there is nothing like having me back. Ears perked in case I say that magic word, Tee Are Eee Aye Tee Ess. The other one is around here too.
  14. Crema Coffee tamp/distributors for the Signature and the Pro2, respectively. The one for the Pro2 weighs 668 grams. It’s a unit. I’m sure they are gonna make one for the Flair 58, which will sink to the center of the earth. I would get a 58, but if I didn’t have to travel to see my partner I would just get a MaraX and an Option-O P-64, as I don’t have space for a stationery until then. I should have just gotten the Pro 2 to begin with. I’m enjoying this shit either way. I’ve pulled way better shots with the Flair than I ever did with the midrange Breville electric I have. Also mostly much worse shots, but the highs are high and the lows are okay with milk
  15. Looks like the Acaia 2021 Pearl will fit on my Flair Signature-cum-Pro 2’s drip tray. I already have two Signature brew groups with gauges and the Pro 2 group will be here soon. I bought the Acaia with drip in mind, but I guess I’ll be practicing pulling shots for my cats until I move and have more than one human to make coffee for: three brew groups and all, would be a waste to not make cat cappuccino.
  16. It makes good coffee. I wouldn’t have one at home. It’s silly. But it makes good coffee at a coffee bar that is willing to be silly. Keep in mind that I have a completely manual espresso setup and I think siphon coffee is silly for home. Go for it. Now I have to listen to Donovan. Hardly a curse!
  17. The upside is that you’ll have run out and won’t have to buy it again!
  18. I have wanted to try alternative papers, but I’m sitting on several hundred Hario papers, so I have a hard time justifying it (because it’s such a huge investment *insert rolling eyes emoji*). The decaf I have, which is from Levercraft, is very good. My favorite local coffee roaster has a sugar process Honduras that I’m going to try when I have an empty jar again.
  19. The Acaia Pearl 2021 I ordered 10,000 lifetimes ago has a shipping number! Let’s see if it’s better than my $11 scale for pour-over, if it ever arrives.
  20. Oh, the filters def need to be rinsed. I just thought it was amusing what these old filters smelled like in the box (got them at a random place where they still had the price from like 1995 at $5 for 100 papers).
  21. I took my own advice. Two-week old sugar process Colombian decaf (I don’t need another cup of caffeine any day of the week!). V60. 1:15. 225 ice, 225 boiling water. Pretty tasty. Nice flat bed.
  22. This popped up on Apple Music for me this morning. I needed some Divine Joni.
  23. Not that anybody was wondering, but I discovered this morning that Chemex papers old enough to smell like good library books work (and taste) just fine once rinsed with boiling water. If I’ve done nothing else positive for anybody else this month, I’m glad that a bit of a faff which produced pleasure in the making and consuming, from a shared YouTube video of all things, came out of mentioning, and sharing, somebody else’s hard work. A good cup. As you weirdos across the pond would probably say, I’m chuffed. Try Japanese-iced coffee next, Craig.
  24. The 16th is when my dad officially died, in 2006 (I think he “died” a few days before; my mother and I argue about it still). I don’t normally wear one of his watches at this time of the year, but 15 years on I think I can handle it. It’s an objectively great watch. I wish it were mine.
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