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  1. Tandem Sun Lamp decaf. This was a wonderful shot (about 10 days of de-gassing since roast date). Excellent decaffeinated has allowed me to enjoy coffee a lot more than I used to be able to (Deeper Roots, my favorite Cincinnati roaster, also does some wonderful decaf).
  2. Dune. I’d rather be at the cinema with my partner, but this isn’t bad. Booze is cheap here, anyway.
  3. I understand. It sounds very good to me.
  4. Gotcha. I was just wondering if my tastes are inline with others for fine-ness. I bet it is. This is the first flat-burr I’ve owned (I’ve been lucky to use some flat commercial machines, but never consistently, and only for espresso). I’ve noticed, just over a couple days, that I’m getting draw-down times that are much longer than the visual grounds size would suggest. Just from feeling and looking at the coffee I believe the flat-burr is very consistent compared to what I’m used to with conicals, and the “apparent fineness” is just totally different. Maybe I’m over-thinking it.
  5. Dan: just as a baseline where do you have your Ode set for pour-over with light roasts?
  6. Niche has another preorder cycle going right now. I’m tempted just to go for it (looks like December/January delivery), but I want to see some actual reviews of the Eureka single doser, assuming the fucking thing actually ever comes out. With the commercial espresso grinders I’ve had the luck to experience I’ve always really liked flats-burrs, so I’m afraid I’ll have fomo, but at the same time I “need” (I don’t actually need, of course: I have wonderful espresso grinders, they just require a little work) to get something soon. That’s interesting about the Yemeni, Dan. When you say “floral,” what sort of flowers are you thinking? Cloying? I have issues with some floral profiles, but not others. I would suggest the Gesha I made today from Levercraft. The one Dan mentioned seems like a good choice too (I like bright coffees). Hopefully Covered_Ears chimes in here too, as she has had some pretty neat coffees, and has turned me on to some that are now favorites.
  7. 16:1, 15 gram dose, 210 degrees, 2:30 draw-down. Gem dripper and a CAFEC filter. What an amazing coffee. I’ve mostly pulled shots with this, but I think it shines the most as filter. It’s so bright and citrusy and really strongly tastes like hibiscus (they nailed that descriptor) and deep, deep almonds, but it’s not acidic or bitter. It… tastes how you imagine coffee must, when you were a child and saw an adult enjoy a cup. I’m just blown away. I think I have the Ode dialed in for pour-over, more or less: I’m very happy with it (grounds bin doesn’t even bother me now that I’ve figured out to not use the spout built in).
  8. Anything worthwhile is unwieldy and ridiculous.
  9. Update: first cup with the Ode. I’m very happy with it. It’s super fast, and the 1.1 version with the interlocking burrs goes much finer than I would ever go for pour-over. No mess particularly. Low retention. I don’t love the grounds bin (I think they are going to come out with an updated grounds bin). Very consistent grind. It is just nice to use. I’m quite happy with it.
  10. Do you have it bolted to your counter?
  11. Nice! I’ve been wondering about the Apex. Not quite enough to order one: also, I’m not sure if I want to mount it to the table I’m using as my “coffee bar.” I should really sell my Lido ET and Flair Royal, as they don’t get use with the OG and the Option-O Remi around (I should sell the Option-O, really, as it’s redundant with the OG, but I really like using it and it’s very pretty). How fine does the Apex go, Bryan? I got the Ode today. Yeah: it definitely doesn’t do espresso. I’ll be using it in the 2-ish range for pour-over, and the test grounds were very consistent.
  12. Craig; I just saw your post. I’m so sorry. But that’s a pretty amazing cat life. Boy, I sure hope to go from functional, if ancient, to gone that quickly, when my time comes. Your feline family was/is/will be very lucky to have you as their valet. Always.
  13. I’ll only be using it for filter. I have espresso grinding covered fairly well!
  14. That’s a negatory on their shake-weight. That’s good to know, Dan, especially since you have a Niche to compare it to.
  15. I ordered a Fellow Ode for pour-over. I’m dialing in my hand grinders for espresso only (different grinders for different roast profiles even: I guess that isn’t normal, but I have a bunch of high end hand grinders!), so I’ve been having to use my old Bodum Bistro for drip coffee, and while it works okay, it’s kinda… tired. Orphan OG is my main espresso grinder for sure. The grounds it makes are just amazing. You wouldn’t have known the shot I pulled this morning was from an old consumer 51mm Breville. 16.5 in, 40 out in 28 seconds. Washed Ethiopian roasted two weeks ago by my favorite local. Bright, but rich. Great texture. Perfect patterning on the Crema. Zero channeling. I guess there is something to be said about having a machine you know really well, even if it’s no great shakes.
  16. Silver real tough.
  17. I don’t spend a lot of time not moving. I only get on the sofa, really, when my partner is in town. She’s asleep at the moment. Dunhill is taking every second of couch time he can. Other cat is on the other side, but not quite close enough to me to not be “not in contact.”* *time not quite right between the pics because I had to let Silver settle in.
  18. Stuck date! That’s right. I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it, given that the watch has been out for a little while now.
  19. I don’t remember precisely, but I believe it had to do with the GMT hand going out of synch with the hour hand.
  20. I don’t think there is any reason not to get a Santos now. They are wonderful watches, and the two I have experience with were bought right after they were released. Better than Tudor not wanting to fix the issues with the Black Bay GMT.
  21. My mother’s Santos medium needed repair; I posted about that. Cartier ended up replacing the “middle module.” It’s basically the main chassis component with the movement. Well, my Santos, bought a couple weeks after she got hers, developed the same issue last week, and it’s currently on its way to the Cartier depot. My guess is they’ll do the same. Issue with early Santos movements? Cartier radically extended the warranties of watches bought 2018-2019, and they are easy to deal with (they provide packing material and pay shipping both ways), so it’s not a huge deal, but I wonder what the issue is. It was pretty much a brand new manufacture movement when the Santos was released: not unusual for their to be teething issues on a new movement.
  22. Heat-blued my Rhino Coffee Gear cupping spoon. I was looking for a deep blue bowl with purple edges and a gradual transition up the handle. I’d say that worked out rather well.
  23. I’ve done enough experimentation now that the Brewista Gem dripper and CAFEC filters is my new pour over preference. The CAFEC filters are better than the Harios, and the Gem is better than the V60. I’ve tried the various combinations. I can consistently pour longer ratios while maintaining the depth of flavor I get from shorter ratios with the V60, while avoiding some of the harsher notes shorter ratios can give. I do not use the lid with the Gem; I don’t really know why it has one. CAFEC filters in this case are the standard “Abaca” filters, not the light roast specific ones (I haven’t tried them yet).
  24. New Forstner band arrived. Here it is compared to an early 1171, which is the shitty version of the 1450, which this is more or less an improved copy of. It’s much nicer than the 1171 of course*: solid end links (solid link-links, too: the 1171 has rolled links, just like Rolex of the era), expansion links, doesn’t rattle, links just screw in Rolex style for sizing, etc. This isn’t going onto the Pre-Moon (I only put Omega on that watch), but it’s basically the bracelet the 1861 Speedy should have had instead of the chunky monkey that came with (this will replace the Forstner/JB Champion flat link on that watch, is my guess). I guess Omega fixed that issue with the newest version of the Pro, but who even knows what those bracelets cost for existing owners. *vintage Omega bracelets are incredibly comfortable, but a real pain in the ass, for anybody who hasn’t had one, but I wouldn’t replace a well-fitted 1171 with another bracelet for love or money. Well, maybe money.
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