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  1. I always put a few curve balls into it and store clues for myself. In this case I had converted the seed to binary which is why it wasn't working for so long. Usually everything is written down in a few places.
  2. remembered a bitcoin brainwallet i've been trying to retrieve for weeks. its kind of like finding $800 in your jeans pocket.
  3. http://dailycaller.com/2016/08/14/hezbollah-leader-trump-is-right-obama-founded-isis/ /not onion
  4. Looks like I'm giving my 2 weeks notice next week. Finally heard back from the other group. I just have to pass some background check formality.
  5. Seemed very balanced in tone. Feel was great. Believe it or not, I think it may have been set up better than the James Tyler. I can strum harder without buzzing on the Gibson, which means the action is higher. A lot of people hate high action, but I thought this wasn't so high to be harder to play. It's very easy for me to play too hard with my thumb on the James Tyler, it is clearly set up for fast playing. So I kind of appreciate the slightly higher action on the Gibson. The G string is the only one I could really get to buzz, but only when playing unrealistically hard. This is a Gibson custom standard historic 58, so it's probably set up better than whatever Gibson USA would make. In general I think the thicker the neck the better the tone, but perhaps a better way to put it is it is easier to coax better tone out of a thick neck, and getting a thin neck to sound good takes greater skill in assembly. Tuning stability is usually better on thicker necks. The James Tyler has outstanding stability, but I don't find it to be thick or thin, more like right down the middle. I went for the 58 over the more popular 59 because in general the 59 should have a slightly slimmer neck. The 59 is costlier because of the higher amount of wood figuring. I don't really associate high figure with gibson, I only really ever noticed high figuring when PRS came along. About the only thing I noticed is that the volume and tone knobs seemed to turn a bit before I noticed a change in tone or volume. I only played it clean, but the pickups are outstanding. The custom bucker is the best pickup they offer for PAF tone. I think I'm going to gravitate towards the PRS hollowbody over the Custom 24 since I love the elevated bridge so much. Whenever I finally grab one.
  6. I took delivery of the gibson this morning and played it for a few minutes before coming into work. I've got to get used to the neck lacquer, but otherwise it is great. When I played electric guitar in high school it was all about palm muting. After so many years on an acoustic, trying to go back to that has always felt extremely unnatural, until now. The gibson bridge assembly puts my hand in a different area than the strat tremolos. Very pleasantly surprised. Oh, and my historic gibson has none of the chambering so it is on the heavier side. I was anticipating a tank based on all the online complaints about gibson weight. I don't get what the fuss is about. It doesn't seem much heavier than my James Tyler. It is a chunkier neck, I can see that being a turn off. But I like the neck girth, particularly on anything I plan to play fingerstyle.
  7. Actually, hopefully I can be disciplined enough not to buy anything for a while. Hobby is dangerous. Oh, it turns out they make the custom 24 in semi hollow as well. Goddammit.
  8. I've been shopping custom 24s, and think I found 'the one'. It's a 1 piece top. I wish prs would have an identical line with plain dot inlays though. i like regular old dots best.
  9. That's new to me. There is a device called tremo-no you can put in a tremolo cavity to lock a bridge. I just found out about it this week. The Guthrie Govan charvel comes with one. Hide glue comes from the bones and cartilage and tendons and whatnot from cows I think. It gets harder and more resonant as it ages.
  10. just ordered a hide glued gibson. die, animals, die.
  11. I dont know what a pokemon is and i'm afraid to ask
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