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  1. i bought a pod mini or whatever its called, to take on vacation, and I go straight to the direct signal, not messing with so many sims. I will admit the modeling on that one at least is pretty uninspiring.
  2. Not stemming from this event, but I decided to turn in a resume to another job on campus Wednesday before leaving work. Got a callback yesterday for a meeting (to take place when I return from vacation). That was easy...
  3. http://atomicamps.com/clr-reference-frfr-monitors/#tab-id-2 Every time I think I have choices narrowed down I learn about new shit. The guitar world is insane these days. Not like when i was in college. You can now just skip over the amp entirely, I guess. Helix > XLR > This thing...hmmm....
  4. oh my god, i need to get a strymon deco. jesus. 2 roland jc 40s in stereo....
  5. the neck feels like bare wood.
  6. i was just asked to put a java text scroller on our homepage to run our entire meeting program. people are always eager to read droves of data in a 200 pixel wide square. why not. why is everyone so fucking stupid?
  7. Sure thing. I'm going to the beach in a week and when I get back I'm ordering a new amp. (Sold the last one a little while back to pay bills) I should have the guitar by Tuesday I think. But no amp until I get back. Small box 50 or zwreck, I think.
  8. this is the coolest color i've ever seen. i just bought one similar to this, with white single coils.
  9. i read a youtube comment somewhere that it contributes to a squishy attack. Definitely a desirable trait, I just don't know how true it is. The 2016 sg supreme looks really enticing. There is also at least half a dozen normal fretboarded guitars I want really bad. I dont know.
  10. anyone ever play on a richlite fretboard? i dont know how i feel about the idea of it.
  11. the donut is my paycheck. the bar, my mortgage. https://imgur.com/gallery/8sAnfXF
  12. http://imgur.com/gallery/CnEC5Qc i actually laughed out loud.
  13. (filming the next fast and furious movie) https://imgur.com/FEAOnCM
  14. i parked in the firelane and got away with it. Take THAT, society!
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