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  1. this is why i love the internet https://i.imgur.com/l9eiQZe.gifv
  2. Not an endorsement, its just too damn funny not to post.
  3. 2nd interview was just scheduled. I think that means I have the job.
  4. I saw that in a PRS build thread I stumbled onto recently. It was a giant thread like "Friday Builds" or something. I can't imagine fitting different wood together so perfectly. Very impressive.
  5. good lord, they're doing jazz now? glad i got out when i did. what an evil nerd tax.
  6. the first bird motif I've liked. http://eddiesguitars.com/Paul-Reed-Smith-Private-Stock-5964-Limited-Edition-DGT-Semi-Hollow-with-f-holes-Birds-of-a-Feather-April-Guitar-of-the-Month-1-20/
  7. Well, the amp works. My playing kind of doesn't. I need to work at sounding better with gain (too many acoustic-only years). But I love the cleans on this amp. They have a more modern sound than the (wonderful) fender cleans that seem more colored. The EQ is fantastic. Someday I am going to set up a stereo rig with maybe a super reverb or something. The stereo rigs on That Pedal Show sound amazing. I made some sloppy 10-20 second (balanced precariously) cellphone videos of the clean channel, some just toggling the pickup selector.
  8. Had to image search this. I like it better than other DK stuff I've heard.
  9. The low, thicker strings should intonate better with a longer length, and visa versa. I think there is an ergonomic advantage to some advanced lead playing as well.
  10. speaking of purple guitars, this is the best thing ever. i need a money tree. http://www.themusiczoo.com/product/27851/Used-BC-Rich-Custom-Shop-2015-NAMM-Display-Bich-Electric-Guitar-Purple/
  11. http://i.imgur.com/BCASCba.gifv vs http://i.imgur.com/46x7TmQ.gifv
  12. that wasnt me, by the way. but i do manage the same type of lightning rod reactions on a regular basis. not entirely by accident. the best part: where?
  13. Those look awesome! I really dig the yellow one for some reason. The bridge in particular looks very well made, with no pointy sections. Never played fanned frets. I think i'm unqualified. In a cruel twist, I took delivery today of my mesa amp, but no connecting cable was sent. *cries* But sweetwater is giving me a free mogami gold one since I did so much business recently. Pretty awesome. I really dig the different colors. Originally chose this combo since the blue 1x12 cabinet was out of stock.
  14. Chris, Just checking to see if this was one of your “TEST” submissions. The submission date is not right. Please let me know. -------------- The trainee database was recycled from a previous version of the award. That’s why there are 2015 entries. There should be several entries in a row from me with my name, indicating the start of the 2016 material. --------------- Ok, I am confused. Are the 2015 entries for 2015 or 2016…and just have the wrong year noted? ----------------- Nothing timestamped 2015 was entered this year. The first ent
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