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  1. Essentially that the dynahi is made to work at a fairly high gain, and lowering it reduces stability and bandwidth. Unity gain is a BAD idea.
  2. I got to thinking, that my source outputs PLENTY of voltage, so I could possibly get by with a headphone amp in unity gain, only suppling additional current. Is it possible to properly operate the dynahi this way? I am aware of how to change the gain, and fortunately dgardner socketed the gain resistor for me. My understanding of gain tells me that this resistor would essentially be bypassed to run unity gain, correct? The unusual nature of that setup is what made me wonder if it were possible. Certainly I could stick in a 100ohm resistor to get to a gain of 2, right? At any rate, is there any point to this? I figured that lower gain would equal less noise, since the voltage is already high enough coming out of the source.
  3. Yep, they're like a PS1 with better bass control, extension, and soundstage. And they smell really gooood
  4. So I guess we'll be hearing a new flavor of Headroom amps coming soon, eh?
  5. Hmm, well FWIW I did find the differences pretty minor during the meet, but I listened to them for about a minute or so each, at the noisiest time of the meet, at Leeav's behest, so it wasn't exactly the best opportunity to delve into them very deeply.
  6. Hmm, well even the best IEM's (and I've heard the UE10 and E500) don't do it for me as well as closed headphones do, as far as sound quality goes. I would only use IEM's where the isolation and/or portability are needed, even if I had the E500's (based on what I heard from them). Now I find Etys sound embarassingly bad, considering their price, and would frankly prefer to listen to HD201's, let alone the A900's. The Etys are the headphones, perhaps more than any other, for which I cannot understand how anybody likes them; between tons of sibilance, absolutely no soundstage, K501-like levels of bass, and no particularly good quality I can think of (other than isolation). I can see how folks like almost any other decent headphone, but the Etys just absolutely puzzle me.
  7. Yeah, I just sit back and cackle, everytime I listen to my rig!
  8. Unfortunately, if I started making statemens questioning the new FOTM, I would probably just be ruthlessly assailed for trying to "protect my investment." So I don't know if that would do any good. I think a non Lavry or DAC1 owner would have to be the one going against the grain.
  9. This seems to be quite common among head-fiers, I've met at about 5-8 who fit this catergory.
  10. The Upside of Anger North Country Good Night and Good Luck These were my favorites of last year, too bad I still haven't seen Sin City, or Episode III.
  11. KG can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think for your cable to be prosink-ed, you'd still need the parallel resistor from signal to ground at the amp end of your cable. The fact that the Lavry's output is 75ohm simply precludes the need for a series resistor in the signal path at the source end, since the Lavry basically has one built-in.
  12. Everything I've ever read says the shorter, the better.
  13. Hey Dr. Gilmore, thanks for posting the details of this process. I am going to have to try this out very soon. I had a few thoughts spring to mind: 1) This is true for digital cables as well, I take it? 2) Does the same idea still apply to cables that are connected from amps to transducers? If so, does the effect of raising the impedance shown to the transducer basically ruin the amps' dampening factor/ability to drive the transducers? If this method works, I see some funky headphone recabling in my future. 3) How much power/current do the resistors used need to be rated for? Does their quality (outside of matching%) matter to the eventual sound quality?
  14. I guess that's what i get for posting before I looked Why'd you have to get me all excited with this new board!
  15. Done Darn 20,000 characters per post limit!!!
  16. I like the Qualia and L3000 for bass impact, for different reasons and sounds, but they are my top pics. The PS1 is just too much, a complete distraction.
  17. Hey tib! Long time no see! Glad to see my latest infatuation is spreading like bird flu in a Tyson plant! If anyone wants me to re-post my biggo review here, just holler.
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