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  1. Reminds me of sticking a vintage film-era ultrawide lens on a high-res FF sensor. Smearpocalypse!
  2. Happy birthday, have a fun trip!
  3. I see a couple of cameras I once owned on that list, most notably the Sony DSC-R1 (which she amusingly for our crowd calls "R10"). While that was a very amusingly unusual camera that took great images for its' time, I can't say I miss it. But I've never been one to be sentimental about gear/toys, it's always been upgrade and move along. Personally, I can't imagine the mental weight of owning so much stuff. I think I've got 2 camera bodies and 12 lenses and have definitely been thinking of downsizing a bit.
  4. It's been years since I listened to it, but Justin's beast is really quite outrageously good sounding, I can't wait to hear what it does with the CRBN's big ol' drivers. I just remember being floored by what an improvement it was over the BHSE with the 009/S.
  5. That place looks great, Shelly! I love SW Colorado, such a gorgeous region. Plus Ska Brewing! I see a Tesla road trip to yours plus Michelle's friends in Pagosa and Albuquerque in our future!
  6. Happy birthday, Raffy! Hope it's been great!
  7. Cheers Brent, have a great birthday!
  8. This ain't just any ol' audio forum. Should have done your research before cross posting from HF, etc. Enjoy the ride!
  9. Hard to say without looking at it, but it certainly sounds like a failing disk drive to me based on what you've described.
  10. Boot from a windows install disk/key, and choose command prompt. Enter "sfc /scannow" without quotes, and see what that does. It's also possible that you have disk or memory corruption that manifested independently, but coincidentally, with the Windows update that precipitated this issue, In which case your hardware is bad and would need to be examined/replaced. You could make a boot disk of Memtest86 to check your RAM for corruption issues.
  11. Have a great brithday Fitzy!
  12. All things considered the 40mm equivalent lens does make it a more appealing camera for me personally, but yeah what a joke of a marketing effort there.
  13. Glad you're enjoying them. I'll ask my colleagues about your case, but what you're describing doesn't sound normal to me. My experiences with the CRBN showed it to have a fairly normal amount of "e-fart" noise compared to Stax and other 'stats I have used.
  14. That does sound heart-racing, Al. I've had a similar brisket experience, where the crust was so peppery it made my eyes water. Colin, we got an RT-700 back in early pandemic, and it's been great ever since. These oak pellets have been great for brisket, and so's having Amazon lug them to your door https://www.amazon.com/Bear-Mountain-BBQ-All-Natural-Hardwood/dp/B07NHZ57MF If you want to try your hand at making sausage, I highly recommend this book. The Andouille, hot dog, and italian sausage recipes have all been great and used multiple times. https://www.amazon.com/Charcuterie-Salting-Smoking-Revised-Updated/dp/0393240053/
  15. Happy birthday, hope it's a blast!
  16. Happy birthday, Jeff, hope it's a great one!
  17. The cameras that I've used which have been over 24MP, are where not only lens quality, but also shot discipline, support, and careful focusing/depth-of-field selection all become much more relevant and visible in the end results. Minor amounts of camera shake, focus error, or lens aberration that would be all but invisible on lower resolution cameras become hard to ignore as you approach 40MP. Unless someone is looking to get into very large printing or pixel peeping for its' own sake, I would say stick to a 20-24MP full-frame or APS-C camera depending on system preference, with reasonable-sized good-performing modern lenses (no need to obsess over f/2.8 zooms or f/1.4 primes unless your obsession is amount of out-of-focus area). I say this as an admitted pixel peeper and occasional large printer, who owns not one but two 45MP full-frame bodies, but am well aware of the inherent compromises and tradeoffs. I was pretty pleased with the Fuji APS-C system as travel cameras when lugging my full-frame system wasn't reasonable. But ultimately I wanted those cleaner, finer detailed files, and once someone else could take the depreciation hit, I cobbled together a reasonably small FX mirrorless system. Admittedly it's not quite as small, light, or cheap as the Fuji system. But I was okay taking that hit for my preferences.
  18. Happy belated, Birthday, grahame, glad it was a stunner!
  19. A good summation of the state of headphones over the last five plus years. A gluttony of riches. And endgame for everyone.
  20. Have fun, boys, it's like it's 2004 all over again!
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