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  1. Happy birthday hommie!
  2. Thanks y’all (not sure I can say that now that I’m out of Texas). Had a wonderful day watching a 4yr old with strep and projectile vomit. Man have I changed a bit.
  3. Happy Birthday Ginger Bread Man!
  4. Stagg Jr is actually pretty good now. First batch was horrible but I think they got it worked out.
  5. Barrel can be hit or miss from the couple that I have tried. So far the “hits” that I have tried are still not that amazing.
  6. naamanf


    Yeah I ended up spending double what I planned on. It seemed to fit and sound better than other guitars in the same range. Now if I can just build up some callouses. Ouch!
  7. Happy Birthday! Happy hunting!
  8. naamanf


    I picked up a new one.
  9. naamanf


    The tuner is built into the controls, so a sperate headstock tuner isn't needed. I think I might go see what GuitarCenter has to offer tomorrow. I'm guessing it will just be a bunch of banjos, Arkansas and all.
  10. naamanf


    Wanted it more for the built in tuner. Plus you never know when Dave Matthews might ask me to come on tour to rock out the G chord.
  11. naamanf


    Looking at picking up my first guitar, thinking an electric acoustic. In un-Head-Case fashion I'm looking at spending $500 or less. Any suggestions on what to get or something someone wants to unload?
  12. I know the White Witch would approve of the Turkish Delights. Now where are my JH13s.....?
  13. Good luck Suzy. Dr. Jodi says it’s pretty common and she should do well.
  14. Looks like a great time. Can’t wait until I can join the travel team.
  15. I imagine that engine would work nicely in a Raptor.
  16. https://www.prevostcar.com/motorhome/h3-45-vip This should work. I think there is a maids quarters in there somewhere.
  17. Who has a nice RV? http://flowingdata.com/2015/10/26/top-brewery-road-trip-routed-algorithmically/?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  18. We are currently in a contract with the POTS lines so AFAIK there isn't any other way.
  19. Hosted won't work since we have POTS lines and I don't trust the reliability of our internet connection.
  20. I was originally set on a Digium Switchvox system until I realized it would require yearly support payments to maintain updates. What system did you go with?
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