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  1. Good things do happen when you stay away from our delicious biscuits.
  2. I'm drinking whiskey. Then whisky. Yummy stuff. Is the cunt gone yet?
  3. I was amazed at how even and perfect each piece was. Das ist gut!
  4. Wow, convection oven really steps up bacon to the next level. Really amazing, wish I would have done this a long tim ago. Bacon.
  5. Breaking in the new oven the only way I know how.
  6. Thanks all! Wish I could give you all a big hug.
  7. I used them a few years back. Very hit or miss if they worked correctly. Hopefully they have improved the reliability.
  8. I also love those big BE Utopias, one of my favorite speakers next to the MBL 101 X-treme.
  9. I love just getting a chance to listen to music these days, not much time to worry where it's coming from.
  10. We still will. They raised the price in Japan. Worldwide hipster conspiracy.
  11. RIP Glenn. Time to pull out my Miami Vice sound track.
  12. I know for a fact Dusty likes tacos.
  13. I have been impressed with it, having played with the multichannel demo from Dirac. Makes the cheap-o speakers in my HT room sound pretty decent IMHO. Mini-DSP also make a couple boxes that use Dirac. Might be worth ordering a UMK-1 and putting the demo on your Mac-mini to see what it can do. The UMK-1 can also be used with most measurement software so it should not be a loss if you ever plan on doing computer based measurements. Really wish I had the coin for a Datasat RS20i.
  14. Have you been using the Dirac DSP with Symphony?
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