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  1. I have also given up on the LE American whiskey scene and gone back to searching good whisk(e)y that can be obtained easily. Really sucks for those of us that enjoyed it before it was cool.
  2. Wishing you the best of luck and a speedy recovery.
  3. Good concert. Muddy mess though.
  4. Table next to mine at Flemmings. Guy named Bernie.
  5. Looking to be a wet weekend at F1 On the plus side we scored a VIP skybox for Saturday to watch qualifying and Sunday should be dry. It better be, don't want to watch Elton John being all soggy.
  6. Right lane. First time at the track. Traction still a problem, might get some slicks. Estimate 12.7 quarter with my 1/8 time. Must work on getting a good launch. Wow this is fun
  7. Looks like it turned out great! After eating a couple pounds of meat at Franklin's yesterday I though I would try and stay a little healthier with fruits and veggies. Those pictures ruined it. I think I have some pork product in the fridge.....
  8. Don't forget it give it some fairy sauce every hour
  9. Nothing yet but waiting in line for BBQ.
  10. Meh, doesn't look set up for Dolby Atmos.
  11. http://www.commonsenseaudio.com/
  12. How many spankings do we have to give him? Happy birthday!
  13. Wow that's crappy. I have three out of three toilet flanges broken here. Going to replace to crappy (crap removing) toilets with the flanges. So much shit to do lately.
  14. I've always thought they are a nice watch that stands out from the crowd a little.
  15. naamanf


    Wilson gets a meh from me. The only "wow" factor they provide is the price. http://www.data-bass.com/systemsMeasurements of different systems for comparison.
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