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  1. Unless he is rating biscuits.
  2. I actually think he was talking about the math. Using the same percentage for gain and loss doesn't work. If you know the loss ratio from engine to wheel you need to use the reciprocal from wheel to engine. Then again do we ever know what he is talking about?
  3. Still a stupid argument given you both were probably right and wrong under different conditions. Ha. Yes the reciprocal would be the proper calculation. Maybe Shelly can give us all a third grade math lesson.
  4. Well you both were wrong. It's not a set percentage.
  5. People who have that much money have their people buy stuff for them.
  6. I was wondering the same. They said list is base price before options and dealer mark-up. I have a feeling the allotment is pretty low and dealer thievery I mean markup is the killer due to demand.
  7. This was in the service center at Aston of Dallas being prepped for delivery. Said it was selling for a measly $4.5m. They were getting nervous when I was getting to close with a boner.
  8. My local liquor store has 9 cases. $30 a bottle. If the wife gets home in time I will go get one. Maybe I should send an Uber to pick it up for me.
  9. On the grill with some sauce. The ribs were good, but I think think the sous vide renders out a bit to much of the inter muscular fat. Of course more research is required. Maybe a slow smoke then a much shorter sous vide finish.
  10. The potential was there, but we overcame. Brent is such an asshole, brilliant, brilliant asshole.
  11. I love the way they look, guess I need to drive one to see how that goes. My friend has a DB9 and beside the great sound from the V12 and the way it looks it's not that amazing. Worst tech I have seen in a car. Did I mention they are sexy?
  12. Prison is for how fast you are going, not how fast you get there. The 570 sucks getting in and out just as much as the rest, driving I do not know. I think the 911 is much more often a daily based on how good of a car it is. I wouldn't want one of the more exotics unless I also had a Porsche or Bentley as the daily. Bentley if I was required to pick up the kids, 911 back seat is just silly.
  13. I have driven the 12C and while it was fun, and turned heads, but it wasn't very practical. Not a car I would want as a daily driver, especially if there were potholes, speed bumps, and curbs to deal with. The 911 on the other hand can deal with all these, has way more tech inside, is comfortable, don't have to fall into and contort yourself to get out, and is still faster. If I could only have one car it would either be the 911 or the Bentley Conti GT Speed W12. I drove the 12C and Bentley back to back and I would pick the big B every day. Well unless I was at a track.
  14. I have gone through a couple of bottles of the OP21. Off to try some before I write more...It's good, but subtle. If it isn't expensive and you're not looking for a flavor punch to the mouth I would give it a try.
  15. Wrong answer unless it's for the track. 911 Turbo S will eat it on the street.
  16. Porsche 911 Turbo S. Tesla P90D.
  17. Viva la revolution. Minus Argentinian Marxist douche bags in berets. I think we have Japan to blame.
  18. I didn't find the 25 to be worth the splurge over the 18. But then again I don't have a very refined palate.
  19. Black Bull. Looks like I will have to aquire some. Should I get some 40yr?
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