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  1. $3.50, a cookie, and a bottle of Stagg. Nice gift Jacob. Beats my vacuum cleaner by a long shot.
  2. I highly recommend the BMW via European Delivery, I would just wait until spring. M235i on some twisty alpine roads sounds like a lot of fun If not an option, I would drive all the cars in that class/your price range to see which fit you best. They are all going to be good cars. Let me know if you need help, it's only a couple hours down there.
  3. I'll just come down and beat them up to give you a good deal. What are we going to buy?
  4. http://www.buckeyefirearms.org/alternate-look-handgun-stopping-power Good read on statistical differences between rounds. The best gun to carry is the one that will allow you to effectively hit the target.
  5. I carry the M&P Bodyguard. I carry it holster-less with a belt clip. I wanted something that was comfortable and also relatively safe to carry with my kids around. For me that meant a safety and double action. Not much fits those requirements. The PPKS or Bersa are not bad but the Bodyguard was just way easier to carry. For the house I have a 92FS with a crimson trace hand grip. I'm so use to carrying and shooting the Beretta it was a no brainier for me.
  6. Hope you have found some relief from the pain and it's getting better. Back pain sucks.
  7. Protect and serve I say. Or something like that. As for the other pictures, poster aside (who I have no beef with), I think they are pretty good. Boudoir photos are supposed to be sexy with a little kink thrown in here and there.
  8. Here is a nude we all can enjoy. Skivvies all the way down.
  9. Empty running sound pretty much sums up what I have going on as well.
  10. That guy in the middle has really long hair.
  11. It's looking like it would be about $135 per with shipping to bring them to this side of the pond. All still in the works, so no promises.
  12. naamanf


    Thanks. Ordered two pounds of the Bali!
  13. And as of now there really isn't a limit so if you want 50....
  14. A friend who I mistakenly turned onto bourbon has found a supplier of the 2015 release at $115 a bottle with possible free shipping to him/me. Any interest in a bottle, keeping in mind they are the UK 700ml bottles vs the US 750ml?
  15. How would you know how any car is over 5k miles?[emoji38]
  16. http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/canada/calgary/calgary-whisky-expert-jim-murray-marketing-ploy-1.3334385
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