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  1. Where do you keep your non-Cubans?
  2. naamanf


    If you can DIY I suggest a MiniDSP IcePower plate amp with a 18" SI sub. Best bang for the buck IMHO
  3. Sorry, I know how much it sucks. RIP.
  4. APR tune with upgraded pulley and a better exhaust should help. Then again if being exciting is getting the rear end loose in a corner, then you might be in trouble. M division and AMG have a cure for that.
  5. Electraglide. It gives you and excuse to get lots of leather.
  6. Avocado Mustang? Hell yeah! Love the 0-60IN2 plate on the GTR.
  7. IMHO I think a Rolex like that should only be on a link bracelet.
  8. Agree, not a fan of stickers on cars.
  9. Get better quick, I hear cigars speed healing.
  10. I do, it's pretty comfortable, but it also a bit formal. I put the rubber band on which is by far the nicest rubber strap I have ever owned. I really like that strap as well. Having options is nice. I have a Suunto D6 dive watch I need a 24mm strap. Any suggestions what might be comparable to the Breitling strap with out the same price tag?
  11. Nice! Hopefully getting it with the sport diff. No specific recommendation, but would get a custom fit one that won't scratch the paint. Cover starts flapping in the wind and corners slowly get eaten away.
  12. Love the Superocean (thanks Jeff!). Nicest rubber band on a watch I have ever had. For the price of a replacement it better be.
  13. If you go with the 007 package it turns into one.
  14. Pick up the DB9 Carbon already and be done with it.
  15. Sounds like the TX contingent of HC made it out unscathed. My current house is on high ground with good run off, I think I will make sure all future purchases are as well. And hopefully there isn't a next time.
  16. I love Plex. I have an Unraid server set up and use Plex to stream to everything in the house + iPhones/iPads.
  17. Spent part of the day with the family wearing bike/ski helmets in my sons closet. Ironically living in Kansas for 5 years we never had any close calls with tornados. One was about a mile away today.
  18. Toasting the friends I have lost and fallen fellow comrades. Cheers brothers. Air Cav!
  19. The Omega does have a pretty heavy bracelet. If I like the one for the Breitling I might have to look into the Omega one.
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