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  1. Lunch - tandoori chicken cooked in yogurt. My grandma's recipe. Came out fantastic. Dinner - sous vide brisket cooked at 145F for 24 hours. Lost a little too much volume I think. Very tender but not as juicy as I had hoped. I got the spice mixture just right this time so going to tweak the Cook times for next time. Julie typically doesn't like brisket but she loved this one. We had with wheat mountain bread and cherry/jalapeno bbq sauce.
  2. I didn't want to get chastised for suggesting this but it's what I had in mind all along. I still use it for med school. Works a lot better than any schedule app I've used. Allows me to see the whole month and all my classes in one go. Tasks get marked off as the week progresses.
  3. I can't remember the last time I laughed this hard. Thank you for sharing this.
  4. http://home.woot.com/?ref=so_gh_hm_2 Thoughts?
  5. I doubt many people would have a tool to measure 30 degrees that precisely Doug
  6. I got to assist on one day before. It was quite the learning experience. They really are essential screenings as mammograms are for breast cancer.
  7. One of the side outings this past break was to where they actually tap maple trees to make maple syrup. One of the sugar shacks we went to had a buffet style lunch (it wasn't really a buffet but they provided big portions that everyone at the table shared). After lunch we went around the place and took a tour of their facilities and saw how they tapped the trees and ended with the final product. To end the tour, they poured some fresh pure maple syrup on ice outside on a wooden plank where everyone rolled ice cream sticks in the syrup as if it were a lollipop. I don't think I've ever tasted something quite that sweet. http://deliceamarjo.ca/delices/accueil.html
  8. 35 image stitch of Montreal from the belvedere on Mont Royal. Fun little climb. Great view of the city and the St. Lawrence river. Need to find a better solution for stitching such large vistas. Lightroom fills up my hard drive with scratch files which end up slowing the whole computer down to a crawl for almost an hour. Anyone have any recommendations? If anyone cares to look at it at full res in jpeg format for giggles. 125mb is at 50% image quality :p The image sizes make me laugh at times. Such massive files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0WuTOUbpcGVSUtKXzUtYzRtWDA/view?usp=sharing
  9. Tried to channel colin and went a little fancy. Duck fat fries and duck leg confit. Followed by a slice of coffee crisp cake. Probably the best meal I've had so far. Julie had the chocolate mousse.
  10. I would have just stayed up and done something if it weren't for the fact that we are flying into JFK and then driving to Montreal which is a 6 hour drive. I'll most likely sleep on the plane but this is annoying. Spring started as well so all the undergrads on my community are out ruining their livers and vocal cords.
  11. Traveling tomorrow to Montreal to see Julies mum. Have to be up at 4. Of course i can't fall asleep.
  12. Sous vide baby back ribs cooked at 145F for 48 hours with homemade bbq sauce.
  13. Maybe once I have a larger apartment or a roommate who doesn't take up the entire fucking kitchen. I had to fight her for the little counter space to put the pot with the anova in it. 3 more months. That's what Julie keeps telling me.
  14. Sous vide skirt steak cooked at @145F mostly because I had ribs in there already for a 48 hour cook. Was done more than I like steak to be but in just 2 hours man was it absurdly tender. Can only imagine what a longer cook at a lower temperature would yield. Very tasty steak. Definitely a lot better than the skirt steaks I have prepared in the past. Actually enjoyed it more than a ribeye which I am starting to find too fatty. This was just perfect. Veggies are next on the list. It's nice that even if I over shoot the cook times, there's nothing too detrimental that happens so I am happy about that.
  15. sous vide bourbon salmon. Doesn't look great but tastes awesome.
  16. As someone who basically gave Doug all creative control with the requirement of the amp being quiet with jh16s, I was more than ecstatic to receive the custom amp Doug built for me. He does good work It sounds great but is also pretty to look at. Understated effortless elegance was how Julie described it. I'd agree with her. Can't go wrong with something from Doug
  17. Seems like a nice shady spot for portraits with the trees giving the illusion of an arch.
  18. Hollywood beach this morning. Black and white one was taken with an iPhone.
  19. Odd, I see it clearly on my phone now that you mentioned it but not so obvious on my desktop. I'll clean it up. Thanks for pointing it out. Ryki, another classmate.
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